New Moon in 15° Capricorn & Partial Solar Eclipse

new moon in capricorn


Happy New Year 2019

The year begins with a New Moon on Saturday January 5, 2019 at 15° Capricorn and a partial solar eclipse. This makes the energy of the New Year off to a interesting start with the partial solar eclipse aligned with the fixed star Vega in the Lyra Constellation, the Harp having a optimistic, creative impact on our energy fields. There is also a alignment with the Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn which has a energetic overtone of seriousness to the energy and also has a beneficial energy to Neptune in awakening our sensitivities to other people’s energies and situations.

 This is a splendid time to bring new growth to a business. This is a very wonderful time for creative expression to be taken into consideration. Also for encouraging generosity, kindness, integrity, and good intentions. There is also what is called a Saturn Pluto midpoint which means that this is where the solar eclipse lies in right between these point influencing these energies. However, the strongest aspects to this solar eclipse is the sextile to Neptune and the alignment with fixed star Vega.

The strongest aspect in astrological placements is Sun conjunct Moon. It means all opportunities are on the table and you are in control of all futuristic plans. You bring yourself in the energies of a new cycle and you allow yourself transformation within a whole new year of change and excitement. This New Moon and Solar Eclipse combined is the first wave of energetic frequencies to push through The Book of Kna’Sera awakening the energies to begin to anchor into the main frame of the body, mind and spirit.


Benefits of Transmission:

  • Expansion & Growth 
  • Accessing New Energetic Awareness of Psychic Ability and Intuitive Creativity
  • DNA Up-Grades with EASE & GRACE
  • Vivid to Dream State 
  • Optimism & Creativity 
  • Authentication of Star-Seed Memories & New Hu-man Potential  


The Solar Eclipse is sextile Neptune which amplifies the energetic awareness of our psychic abilities and intuitive creativity and vividness to your dream state. The Solar Eclipse conjunct Saturn does give a more serious nature in regards to the upcoming upgrades that will come in over the next 21 days. Kna’Sera states ” January 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 will be days that will be high energy upgrades that will intensify the energies within the chakras; starting with the Root Chakra through to the Crown that will fully integrate the energies of The Book of Kna’Sera into the energetic grid of the body. These upgrades will access new energy frequencies of the New Year 2019. 

The New Moon Transmission in Capricorn and Solar Eclipse widens the shushumna, so the energies can course through our bio-energetic grid freely without obstructions. It also allows for upgrades of the new energies of 2019 within the eight cell blueprint. You will feel the upgrades come in, in many different ways as you feel each day progress towards the Lunar Eclipse of the 21-22 of January that will mark the full energetic integration of The Book of Kna’Sera. Overall, remember the energy of the close alignment to the star Vega means Expansion and Growth and allow it to bring these upgrades in and expand your potential with the ceremonies of light that you will partake in. 

In Light of the New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse, Rev. Bryan will be commencing a ceremony to bring through the energies of the transmission and solar eclipse so that all participates receive these intended upgrade properly and with ease and grace. Some upgrades leave individuals feeling energetically hopeless with many ailments from joint compression, bodily aches/pains, headaches and emotional ups and downs, this transmission will help with this. It will also help with the intensification of the heightened sensitivities, intuitiveness and psychic abilities that will reveal new revelations of our mission here on the earth plane.

So it is your best interest to sign up and give yourself permission to receive these upgrades with ease and gracefulness. Individuals that would like to sign up for this transmission the participation fee is $33.00 and will be recorded on the night of January 5, 2019 and will be sent out by midnight – 1 am on January 6, 2019.

Participants can purchase at the following link >>> 

Once you make payment all that is needed is First and Last name of individual that it is intended for. Access this Divine record of knowledge for it is your birthright to be within this new energy and to step fully into your Divine potential. We as apart of the Divine plan and the Divine Diva’s have stepped up in this new timeline of advanced energies of which potentiates our true Divine essence and our authenticity of our DNA as starseeds. 

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 
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