Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in 0° (Galactic Degree) Leo Transmission

super blood moon lunar eclipse january2019


The galactic degree Full Moon is in 0°51′ Leo is a rare total lunar eclipse. It is also a Super Moon which means that the moon is closer to earth in its orbit. This Full Moon also is a Blood Moon which it means that it appears reddish due the illumination of light emitted by the sunlight which is filtered and refracted by the earth’s atmosphere. The Full Moon is squared Uranus and opposing Mercury, and Mercury is squared Uranus. The Moon is trine Ceres and is placed closet to the fixed star Aludra. The Sun is placed upon the star Altair 02°02′ Aquarius found in the constellation Aquilla. 

The Full Moon being in galactic degree Leo initiates an exploration into the fiery sign. It also brings in a deep primordial ancestral connection to our star ancestor. This ancestral connection brings our spirit guides closer in connection as well. It also bring about Star DNA and Hu-man DNA up-grades. This will help integrate more of the new energy that is available in this new year for our Ascension. The Ascension progress and upgrades will be more intense as the days grow closer.

This Super Full Moon and Blood Moon makes this energy much more intense due to the closeness to mother earth in its orbit and the fractal of lights of the Aquarian sun. The full moon is squared Uranus which allows a lot of influence within the higher mind and brings in the potency of activating and enhancing the energy of higher awareness. The full moon being squared Uranus also will bring in breakthroughs of our souls missions activating the awareness of seeing through the veils that are in tact hiding blockages. Uranus also brings new discoveries of self, and ignites a new sense of excitement and interest in daily life. This placement in general is all about breakthroughs and moving ahead with your ambitions. The emotions are highly stimulated with this placement as well so be aware of your expression and souls magnetism at this time you are very charismatic in the energy of Uranus.

The planet of Mercury opposing the full Lunar Eclipse which may cause a bit of anxiety around our ascension process and the energy of uncertainty about our future. Just remember during this time keep a open mind and stay balanced, centered and grounded is key to tending to this energy fluctuation. The fixed star Altair in 02°02′ Aquarius our current Sun sign will help off set some of the intensity of the mercurial energy. Also the energetic numeral of 22 allows the reassurance of it’s infamous name of the Master Builder, which gives power and intensity in our manifestation and our manifesting abilities. The Sun on the fixed star Altair also denotes ambition, independence and honorary entitlement. The star Altair also shows great imagination, strong passions, and keen vision due to where it is found in heart of the constellation Aquilla the Eagle bringing wonderful visionary skills. This also means that our clairvoyance will be intensified greatly just as the Eagle can exponentially so can we within this placement. We will be able to peer into our deepest depths of our souls and see what needs to be worked on and with.

The Moon and Sun is within a trine with a asteroid which has also been reclassified as a dwarf planet called, Ceres. Ceres trine with the Lunar and Solar energy means there is a influence on our emotions and our physicality. This energy gives good luck and also the ability of resilience being able to bounce back quickly from tragic situations. Also this trine shows a tremendous amount of energy shifting around the ancestral energies of our star brothers and sisters and our humanly brothers and sisters. We come more into a awareness of our ancestral connections with our soul and star families of light. This also activates more of our ancestral DNA codes to turn on latent energies and abilities that have been waiting for activation codes within our sky. This also anchors the full capacity of The Book of Kna’Sera into the Hu-man body. The Book of Kna’Sera will intensify our internal awareness of the new energies assisting our Ascension Frequency. 

In Light of this monumental time of our souls evolution Rev. Bryan will be doing 2 particular working’s within this energetic time of creative expression of our soul’s Ascension. At approximately 10pm EST on the evening of January 20 he will be recording the Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Transmission and a Candle burning for each participant, also will be upgrading the DNA of Each participant remotely  . The Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Transmission will be recorded at exactly 10 pm on January 20 and Candles will be lit at exactly 10 pm ET.

The Candle burning will be placed upon a sterling silver platter with appropriate Good Luck & Good Fortune Herbs and Crystals surrounding each candle. I have 33 white candles for this so spaces are limited for the candle burning ceremony.  The Recording of Transmission will be sent out before midnight on the 21st, so that you can listen to the recording 3 times on the day of January 21st. The picture of the candles upon the sterling silver platter will be attached for the 33 individuals to see and reassured that the work was done and intentions were set.

The participation fee for each are as follows: 

1.) Super Blood Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Transmission & Up-Grade of DNA Remotely: $40.00
2.) Good Luck & Good Fortune Intention Candle Setting Ceremony: $22.00
3.) All of the Above Paid Together: $62.00 :
After Purchase has been made and you decide to do option 1 Please send First and Last Name If you decide to do both option 1 & 2 please send me First & Last Name and your (ONE) Intention. I hope you all take this rare event of this Soul Evolution of our Ascension Process and this Full Total Lunar Eclipse in Galactic Degree Leo and Spread Your Wings and Soar with your mighty intentions. Remember Kna’Sera says, “There are no limitations, you place limitations upon yourself.”

Anything is POSSIBLE!

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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