New Moon in Pisces 15° Transmission

New Moon in Pisces


On March 6th, as the New Moon grows dark, we move into the energy of the watery sign of Pisces where sensitivity and perceptiveness becomes more mysteriously in tune with the energies of our body mind and soul.

We also recognize the degree that Pisces is in 15° 46′, if you look at the numerical frequency in a sense of numerology you have 1+5+4+6= 16/7. The number 7 in numerology hold a spiritual connotation. The number 7 is found through ancient history having significance with deep spiritual understanding and awakening. 

This New Moon’s frequency will be affecting the following pineal gland, medulla oblongata, the crown of the head and the feet which means that this will be affecting the polarities of the body which is rather interesting.

This New Moon joins the planet Neptune and also the asteroid Vesta on a star which is called Archernar. There is great spiritual influence in this placement. There is also a aspect with Mars and Saturn that this New Moon has which is rather harmonious in its placements. 

The Sun is in conjunction with Neptune which increases sensitivity and empathy allowing major up-grades to the sentience ability that enables us to feel psychic feelings. Your boundaries will be looked at in context of building boundaries so you will feel less drained by energies that you find normally draining. 

The Sun and Mars give increased self confidence and courage. It will also allow for a strengthening of your vital energy within your auric field. The Sun and Saturn gives patience with the self in allowing for optimal energetic integration of New Moon energies.

Mars and Neptune and Saturn all give a strengthening of ambition and spiritual development to increase the maximum benefit of enabling the awakening of full potential of your divine authentic self. This will also give u a strong sense of TRUTH! Saturn and Neptune will also allow for your energies to help make all your dreams come true in all that you desire with the help of the integration of these new moon energies. 
We have Archernar at 15° Pisces which give success and belief in all of what you feel is truth and bring a tremendous amount of trust on your behalf. In this 3 year we must realize we must receive all upgrades of TRUST for oneself others and divine.
The constellation Eridanus which is where the star Archernar is allows for the love of knowledge and trust and Belief in the energies of change.
In Light, of The New Moon in 15° Pisces Rev. Bryan will be doing ceremony on the evening of March 6, 2019 and all participants will receive the recorded mp3. 
Participation fee is $30.00 and you will be placed upon the New Moon Altar and will receive the New Moon in 15° Pisces Transmission by 12 noon on March 7, 2019.

 If you are interested in participating in this New Moon Transmission please click the link here >>> 

Trust the process of Downloading, Up-grading, and Receiving Divine Intervention!
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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New Moon in Pisces
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