Community Prosperity Service


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Hello Everyone,

I was meditating early this morning and as I was tuning in, I received that a lot of you have been having incidences and issues relating to  money, prosperity, loss of employment, looking for new ones and many other issues revolving around our mundane reality. I was told a lot of this was due to the clearing and shifting energies from season to season and change of being in survival mode in the winter months into the exciting times of spring and summer.
So, I asked spirit, ” How can I assist my clients with these hardships because I am deeply devout to each and everyone of them?”  I heard the following, “Offer a Community Prosperity Service.”  So, This is why I am offering this service to assist each of you in these situations that take away the enjoyment of life. The Prosperity Service will commence twice; once on Friday, April 12 and then again on Saturday, April 13. 
The investment for this Prosperity Service is $25.00 USD. Each participant will have a green candle, blessed with herbs,  lit in their name and be prayed over for approximately  60 minutes, at each service Friday and Saturday evening, at 9 pm ET. You will receive via email: a .jpg photo of the service and chant that you can light a green candle to enhance the energy with. 

To participate in this Prosperity Community Service please click the link to you right >>>

Please provide in the additional note section of the payment; your First and Last name and email that you will like the email to be sent to. I hope you take advantage of this time and receive understanding, enhancement and empowerment of Prosperity Blessings!!!
Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, Blessed Be, and Namaste,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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