Full Moon 29° Libra Transmission and St Expedite Feast Day

Saint Expedite


We are approaching a very interesting day, April 19, 2019 which is Saint Expedite Feast Day and the Full Moon in 29° Libra Transmission. Saint Expedite is the patron of those who hope for rapid solutions to problems, who wish to avoid or put an end to delays, and who want general financial success. He is a wonderful saint that works for his devotee’s quickly and has always seen myself and other’s that I have petitioned him for clients and family in many ways.

Saint Expedite is also very effective in helping folks that are prone to procrastination. He holds a cross with the inscribed word “hodie.”  Not only does this word mean today but makes you realize that he stays within the moment and he gets issues done promptly. All you have to do is make sure you give him his offerings when he gets you what you need for he is a very loyal saint to his devotees. 

Some of the things that he works on is:

1.Emergency Funds for Financial Requests
2.Quick Employment
3.Quick Solutions to Problems
4.Win Court Cases 
5.Anything that’s needing Quick Prompt Action
As with anything that you receive help on from deities or saints, you must repay him. He enjoys the following: Red Wine, Red Flowers, Pound Cake, Red Candle, Glass of Cold Water.
The Feast Day Vigil Service will be commenced by me, Rev. Bryan Rawls, with a invocation to St. Expedite on the Full Moon evening. I will be petitioning St. Expedite on behalf of each person that sign’s up for St. Expedite’s Feast Day Vigil and I will making him a Homemade Pound Cake and serving him wine to assure he answers our requests. 
The Full Moon is in 29° Libra which makes aspects to Venus which rules love and Uranus which rules change. The Sun being conjunct to Uranus brings excitement and unexpected change to the surface of our everyday life making things a bit strange for us.
The Moon being opposite of Uranus means that there is some frequency exposure to our higher minds in play here allowing for the energy of Universal connection is in play bringing in a unprecedented energy of connectivity to our intuition with this evolutionary change to our higher mind. This energy could very well bring a sense of restlessness which the transmission will level it out for all participants. Remember, open mindedness will allow for more pleasant and interesting experiences as we approach the feeling of intuitiveness as we approach full lunation. 
The Full Moon being quincunx to Venus is a interested aspect when it comes to personal relationships and relationships in general where this aspect will increase the need for love and affection. The emotions will run high in this aspect but this is just the intense upgrades that our empathy will undergo with this aspect of Venus is with the full moon. There will need to be a happy medium in relationship so no tension arises and get out of hand. This aspect will also clear and get rid of some karmic imbalances within relationships as well not just for love relationships but with also relationships of your every day life with friends, colleagues, family and possibly parental figures, so lots of karmic clearing will take place in this aspect. 
We have a interesting aspect to the Asteroid Hubris which is at 28° Libra in conjunction with the Full Moon which brings energy that of confidence. This confidence can be a good thing and a bad thing so make sure the energy gives a remarkable reflection to the adolescents and young adults in your life as well as you. In regards to confidence in a rewarding way this will bring confidence in psychic awareness and self esteem so go out there and be your self. Our awareness is in a upgrading state with this unprecedented increase in the frequency in our atmosphere around courage so please allow this to be absorbed in a good way and participate within this transmission so that you can enjoy this energy of confidence and extreme awareness bringing to life the greatness that is within your Divine birth right.
On April 19, 2019 approx. at 7 pm  ET – 10 pm ET,  I will be in  ceremony commencing the St. Expedite Feast Day and also Full Moon in 29° Libra Transmission.
The exchange fee for these services are:
Saint Expedite Feast  is $25.00  and the Full Moon 29° Libra Transmission is $35.00
If you would like both services, the total is $60.00

Sign up by paying here >>> paypal.me/amagickaljourney

* The Fee is set at $25.00 per person for St. Expedite Feast Day due to the requirement of me having to bake pound cake, buy flowers and red wine for St Expedite to make him work quickly for us. 
After you have paid your energy exchange fee, please email me your First and Last name and your Petition so I can write each of your petitions down for St Expedite.
Thank You and I hope you all join us for this magickal day. It will especially fun communing with St Expedite for he is such a marvelous saint and is very quick with his petitions.

I hope you all join me and Blessings To You All!

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams and Blessed Be and Namaste,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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