Portal of Resurrection


Awakening on April 21, 22, 2019 the Portal of Resurrection begins to awaken the threshold of Atlantean wisdom that will step forward and awaken new dimensional awareness and power coming in directly from the power source of the portal. There will be a Master of Atlantis that will communicate and speak of the energy that will be inherent within the Portal. Also, this master that will be speaking is a very wise being that was in power during the beginning times of Atlantis, he is a Hybrid Being and will be bringing the energy of the portal to a maximum opening and, allowing the flow of the portal to remain opened until all Atlantean Codes are accessible to  receive bodily upgrades and updates which will allow the body full functionality of the following codes sequences:

  • Opening & Awakening of Psychic Abilities (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairgustance, clairolfactory, bilocation, telepathy, and healing)
  • Sequenced DNA Upgrades & Raising Vibration of Light Body
  • Sequenced Light Codes & Plasma Codes
  • Teachings of Solar Banishment Practices
  • Teachings of Lunar Enhancement Practices
  • Awakening Atlantean Memories & Blueprint  
  • Activation of Six Time Portals to The Hall of Amenti 


As the portal opens you will feel surges of energies flow through out the course of the Portals opening. At full influx of the opening of the Portal Rev. Bryan will be shifting his energy field to the vibration of this hybrid Atlantean Master named Rashni which will step forward and use Rev. Bryan’s vocal cords to pass a message that will inform all participate’s of incoming frequencies and acknowledgements of the rebirth of ancient wisdom that we thought was lost forever. Master Rashni will be giving Rev. Bryan coded activation’s to pass through as a activation that will bring about embedded memory of ancient knowledge that our soul’s remember before this very existence. 

The time of this ceremony still remains unknown to Rev. Bryan but has been informed that the full disclosure of the message and activation will be available to everyone that participates by 4/22/2019 at approximately 12 noon ET. You will receive the 2 mp3s by Monday night (ET; eastern time) 

The participation fee for participates is $35 and can be paid by PayPal at the link provided Here >>>>>  paypal.me/amagickaljourney/35

We hope you take advantage of this exclusive offer. Master Rashni is eager to speak and disclose some very essential information for the evolution of our souls blueprint and human evolution.

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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