Beltane Activation & Beltane Altar Petitions & New Moon in 14° Taurus Transmission.



On May 1, Beltane, is a Holiday that is practiced in the religion of Wicca and/or practice of Witchcraft. Beltane is known as a fertility religion and when you think of fertility it’s about abundance and growth. The Moon is in Pisces in the wee morning hours and then transitions into Aries at approx. 6:24 am. This fiery element begins the festivities of Beltane making the energy very heated for growth and abundance. It will bring in a immense amount of energy for a fertile Beltane ritual to light the Bell fires. The twirling of the ribbons around the phallus may pole allows for the energy of rebirth to be reconciled. As we approach the energies of rebirth with a open heart we will bring in petitions of abundance and growth in many different areas.

As, I awaken on the morning of May 1, I (Rev. Bryan) will gather morning dew from the leaves of sacred plants as a offering to the goddess for use on the Beltane Altar that I will be erecting the evening of May 1st. All participants will be included with their petitions of growth, renewal, love, abundance, wealth, etc. The other remaining dew will be used to make special concoctions that will be sold within the store at a later date. In ancient times maidens would wake early in the morning to gather the dew to rinse there face with to be used for youthfulness, attractiveness, and other mundane and magickal uses. Also remember those that are looking for employment or to start a new job that you need to take into consideration that St. Joseph the worker day is May 1st so petitions to him would be great at this time to. 

On May 4 is New Moon at 14° Taurus.  New Moon themes include wealth, income, financial security, loyalty, and a wide array of abundance in many areas of our life’s path. This new moon is also in good aspect to Neptune which means that spiritual, creative and artistic pursuits are very favorable at this time as well. It gives a inspiration to act on the intuition and to take a wonder leap of faith on beginning these pursuits. With the new moon sextile Neptune and sun sextile Neptune it heightens your ability in reading people’s energy field and also readings ones thoughts and behaviors which will be one of the activating sequences in this new moon. The opening of one’s third eye is very important as we are becoming more influenced by the flow of frequency from this new moon. 

Mars opposite Jupiter give strength and courage in this New Moon energy which brings in a tremendous amount of self-confidence. This is a good thing in those that are attempting to enhance their gifts and understand there paths in a whole new light. Your desires will be fulfilled as the light of the moon grows so continue through the energies of allowing the gifts to come forward. There is also a fixed star of Almach near this new moon which brings in the liking of this change so continue walking the new path that will soon light the pathways of inspiration. The constellation of Andromeda is beaming a tremendous amount of energy into our atmosphere to allow new thought, honor, and dignity in ways that we never seen it before. 

Benefits of this New Moon in 14° Taurus Transmission & Beltane Petitioning 

  • Inspiration & Change 
  • Enhancement of Psychic Abilities 
  • Increase in Financial Security, Wealth, & Income 
  • Career Decisions, Security, & Enhancement 
  • Growth, Loyalty, Abundance and Prosperous 
  • Overall Successful Energy

I will have two amazing rituals one on May 1, 2019 and then another on May 4, 2019. One for Beltane and One for the New Moon in 14° Taurus. With the Beltane Ritual you will need to send me (1) petition so that I  can place this on the altar for it to be prayed over and blessed by the Beltane Fires!

The recordings of each mp3 will be sent out:  Beltane on the morning of May 2, 2019 and The New Moon Ritual on the morning of May 5, 2019 by 11 am ET.


The Beltane Ritual fee is $25.00  >>>

New Moon in 14° Taurus $30.00 >>>


I hope each of you participate in these amazing times of the year. 


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Beltane Maypole

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3 Responses to Beltane Activation & Beltane Altar Petitions & New Moon in 14° Taurus Transmission.

  1. Ann Schulz says:

    Please place the petition for me to have financial security and wealth and to have an increase of psychic abilities.


  2. Kathleen Caruso says:

    Hi Bryan, how do I use my discount in paypal – TEST10. I did not see a place to put this code. I am interested in the New Moon ceramony.

    Blessings from Heart to Health,

    Kathleen Caruso Intuitive Energy Young Living Essential Oils/ Silver #1038311 


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