Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 24° Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn


On July 16, 2019 we have a specific occurrence that will be within our night sky and it is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 24° Capricorn. The Lunar Eclipse is only 2° from Pluto making emotions very intense in many ways. The eclipse is also square to a dwarf planet called Eris by only  0°15′ and this means that the lunar eclipse will expose many shadowy secrets.

The Lunar Eclipse conjunct Pluto will make emotions rather intense and can very well overwhelm you. This will uncover emotions deeply buried in your subconscious. Your Intuition and intuitive impressions will be very accurate at this time and will very intense in the area that they manifests themselves in such as through seeing, hearing, feeling, knowing. Light will shine on our personal relationships with self and others which may reveal energies of secrets and revelations that may need discussing in the up coming weeks. You must remember during challenging time like this you must transcend your own emotions because they appear challenging but remedies that will surely help are meditation, self- analysis, and quiet contemplation.

With the Sun opposing Pluto will bring about self esteem and relationship challenges Especially those that are related to abuse of power or self destructive energies such as addictions or stubbornness. Pay very close attention to dreams, visions, psychic impressions, intuitive insights because they will have a great influence on peoples moods during this eclipse which will give way to understanding energies that are being illuminated at this time.There will be also many upgrades coming in at this time from the Solar and Lunar Energies so you must stay extremely hydrated. Just remember to feel free to ask for quiet time alone to readjust to the intense energies. This will give you time to sort your emotions and rationalize things.

We also have Venus opposing Saturn and also Venus trine Neptune. The Venus opposing Saturn will make relationships a bit lonely and sad due to the energies of limitations and delays brought on by this aspect. Which Mercury Retrograde does no good in regards to lateness. There may be some physical and emotional distance in relationship but it wont last for long. Ways to show that there are good intentions in the relationships is show you care by working hard and do stuff that you wouldn’t normally put a hand in to help. This aspect is for those that take their partner for granted which shows the individual that they really do. We also have Venus trine Neptune which is good for relaxing and daydreaming and getting things planned out so that when the work does take place there is a game plan to go by. This aspect is also good for companionship to link up with that partner that you have taken for granted so aha moment right there.

This aspect of Saturn sextile Neptune is wonderful for the careers that have a spiritual approach to them and this is due to the energies allowing for the energy to bring material gain to spiritual pursuits. You can make many dreams come with hard work and a sensible realistic approach with a wonderful fixed plan. This is a wonderful time to break out the pen and paper and to write down your goals and how you want to see yourself as a Healer, Psychic, Medium, and/or a Paranormal Investigator. You will see limitations form but you will also be extremely optimistic so reach for the stars and don’t let anything get in your way of you wanting to be YOU. One Last thing, it is Mercury Retrograde so there could be events such as break down of appliances, automobiles, scheduling difficulties, connectivity issues with internet servers and miscommunication. One thing also,  don’t sign any contracts or buy anything that requires signatures because there will be something that goes wrong.

Since the energy of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is at 24° Capricorn which if you look at the energy of 2+4 which equals 6 which the numerical energy of the number 6 is about balance stability and harmonious vibration. If you look at the date July 16, 2019 its equation looks like this 7+1+6+2+0+1+9=26=2+6= 8 which the number 8 is about power, balance, and abundance.  If you add the two numbers together of degree of Capricorn and the energy of the day of Full Moon you find that it equals 6+8= 14=1+4=(5) The number 5 is about Magnetism, Happiness, Freedom, Highly Sensitive Sensory Perception Energy. So the energy of this full moon will be a major enhancement of our Extra Sensory Perception.

In Light of this major shift in our bio energetic field Rev. Bryan will be commencing the Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Transmission .mp3 and he will also be doing a specific energetic Ritual for all who participate with a small fee of $30.00. This energetic ritual will be done directly after the full moon ritual. In this ritual Rev. Bryan will sit down with your name paper that will have your name and date of birth in which he will harness the energy of this intense energy of intensification to the extra sensory receptor within each individual’s brain. Which he will energetically update and activate the incoming frequencies to enable the receptors to be fully awakened and stimulated to start receiving information energetically which will enable each participant to see, hear, feel, know, smell, and taste. The strongest receptor will be how their specific extra sensory perception speaks to them so it could turn one , two or all five of these receptors fully on. Master Rashni confirms that at least one of them will updated to full capacity.

If you are interested in participating please use the following link to pay the amount of $25.00 for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Transmission and $30.00 for Energetic Extra Sensory Perception Ritual.

Paypal.me/amagickaljourney    <<<< Please Use Link to pay for services. 


Price List for Services
Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse Transmission $25.00
Energetic Extra Sensory Perception Ritual $30.00
All Together $55.00
Attention : For All who donated for Rev. Bryan beloved Kitten these two services cannot  be comped by the donation…. The donation is only good for minutes for a reading, spellwork and/or healing.
We Look forward for you all to participate in this magickal time and allow the energies to awaken you !!!!
Blessings To You All ~  Meet You In Spirit
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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Full Moon Partial Eclipse
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