Autumn Equinox Transmission & Ceremony.

Wheel of the Year


As the wheel of the year turns we come upon the changing color of the leaves. The descend of beautiful orange, yellow and deep red leaves come tumbling down from the tall trees. The equal energies of light and dark as this gives the time for contemplation and reflection. It gives way for contemplating the growth and abundance we have grown and received within the past season, as we reflect upon past successes and past failures.

The Autumn Equinox is a shift in season to attempt to maintain vital spiritual balance upon the planet. The Equinoxes offer a nexus to the Solstice portals which allow for major shifts to happen upon our planet. As these nexus’s ( series of connections or links) open up flow of energies that makes rapid shifts that our planet must undergo, be more easier to integrate.

We look to the Autumn Equinox to provide this balance that each of us seek. The past couple of month’s have been very monumental in the shift in our realities that some of us have been having a hard time shifting back into balance which, this equinox will provide a significant amount of that balance that we all need back. There have been many folks reporting significant shifting around their spiritual lives, and mundane lives that they’ve been feeling torn or exhausted in one or both areas. These particular areas of our mundane lives being relationships, finances, beliefs, spirituality and home life. 

Ancient times this was a time to make sure we prepare for the harsh weather to come and so symbolically we prepare ourselves with a protective layer of energy to withstand the cold harsh energy of survival to bring in certain awareness of what we need to work upon in the cold winter months. Also we must  acknowledge abundance as a natural state of being with the harvest. The months grow colder from here and know the Book of Kna’Sera comes to a end.

Remember that we have been waiting for the Divine Diva to reveal the next Book and a lot of you probably have been wondering why Kna’Sera took a back seat in this years energy. She would like for you to remember the quote that I have made quite clear in some of your heads and that being that we all play our part. It just so happens that Kna’Sera had a pretty quiet part. The next Diva has been made aware of and she revealed her name about 7 days ago. She has only spoken so she hasn’t revealed her bodily form but she stated her name to be “SoLaRa”. So on December 21, 2019, we come to the beginning of “The Book of SoLaRa” which awakens her codes and books of energy. 

In Light of the Autumn Equinox Rev. Bryan will bring about a special Autumn Equinox Transmission to bring back Balance, Awareness, and Preparation. We will maintain the balance of our spirituality, and bring into our awareness the energy of survival, hope, abundance and preparation of miraculous opening, shifting, and preservation of Being. 
In this transmission we will honor the turning of the wheel by way of sound.

The participation fee for this Autumn Equinox Transmission is $35.00 and can be purchased through this link  >>>

The Transmission will be recorded live on September 23 at 7 pm ET and each participant will have a petition read aloud at the Equinox Ceremony and will have energy sent directly to each petition read. 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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