New Moon Transmission & Holy Day of Archangel Michael.

New Moon in Libra


Whistling of the wind and the crunch beneath my feet, the golden yellowy red caught my eye as I spend time in nature.  Autumn is officially here and you can definitely tell it by the cold evenings and the intriguing movement of the Autumn leaves.

September 28, 2019 is our first New Moon of the Season and its within 5° Libra which brings attraction, balance, enjoyment, and good fortune. This New Moon is also a Super Moon which means it awakens and strengthens parts of our soul that have been swirling in the depths of the deep dark abyss. It’s spiritually charged with energies that will attune the body mind and soul in its awakening. The Moon has a planetary aspect known as Venus sextile Jupiter ,end then a much more minor aspect with Uranus, and then it’s in alignment with a melodic influence from a star called Zaniah.

The Super Moon being charged with miraculous energetic’s of strength and awareness bringing the following aspect of Venus sextile Jupiter into spotlight which means there is a specific energetic charm in the air and also a incredible generosity. This being the first new moon of the Autumn season it makes energies extra potent in accessing higher states of consciousness. This transit also is known for its magickal good luck energy and being one of those new moons that will allow you a increase in your popularity socially. Its a time of also planning long distant trips or reflection of past trips. This transit is favored for higher learning and learning about others cultures usually focusing on the culture’s philosophical views. 

With this Uranus aspect, it makes it easier for us to accept change and to dig deeper into our souls and really take this change into consideration with changing things about ourselves that we really are not happy with. Awakening parts of our brain that have been compartmentalized for centuries, so this will awaken memories from past lives and actual memories from our DNA that are only available after one receives a DNA activation. The Uranus aspect also will be considerably a medicine for the soul in personal power and will power to accept those deepest concerns that lie at the depths of our soul that are keeping you from living in your full power. 

Zaniah, the star that is within the Virgo constellation and in place with the New Moon, is known for its peacefulness and congeniality. This star Zaniah is found on the left arm of the Virgin, or better known as the Maiden, which has meaning here the left side of the body represents the feminine principle, the receiving side where you take in energy which is known for both male and females. Zaniah will also show you energies where you need to work on that come up from your past experiences especially since Zaniah is on the left shoulder of the maiden. This star also rules the intestines in the body which means that ailments regarding the stomach/gut are being spoken for at the moment. So it is a wise decision to fast, detox or even increase the water during this time.


Benefits of The New Moon in 5° Libra Transmission 

  • Understanding Personal Power & Will Power
  • Acceptance of Change 
  • Awakening of Awareness 
  • Good Luck & Being In Your Full Power
  • Detoxification 
  • Soul Re-Organizing 
  • Charismatic and Accessing Higher State of Consciousness


AA Michael2



On September 29, 2019, it’s Archangel Michael Holy Day which is where Archangel Michael is honored in many parts of the world. Archangel Michael is highest Angel within the hierarchy of the Angels. Saint Michael is the Princely Seraph an Angel of Power and the leader of God’s Army.
In the middle ages his feast day was celebrated as a holy day of obligation. Archangel Michael is called upon to shield against evil, for support, for major protection. His prayers and invocations are real weapons of faith, to be challenged in daily battles of evil. His name means He is who is Like God and is widely known as the Prince of Heavenly Host.
We call upon Archangel Michael at hours of peoples “Death”, to bring souls to judgement, help fight again (EVIL/SATAN/NEGATIVITY). September 29, is a day known as Michaelmas in many countries and is also one of the harvest feast days.
He is known as the Patron, against temptations, against powers of evil, cemeteries, the dying, EMT’s, holy death, knights, Paramedics, Police Officers, Sailors, the Sick, Soldiers, and those in need of protection, in many places such as Belgium, Sicily, Cornwall, England; Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee Florida; England; Germany; Archdiocese of Mobile Alabama; many places in Mexico, Sibenik; Croatia; Archdiocese of Seattle Washington and Springfield Massachusetts.


In Light of The New Moon in 5° Libra Transmission & The Holy Day of Archangel Michael Rev. Bryan will be holding a Ceremony on September 28-29, 2019.

Each participant for The Holy Day of Michaelmas will receive a petition spoken aloud after the Invocation of St. Michael has been spoken. You will also have a candle fixed and blessed with St. Michael Oil burnt on the Altar to St. Michael.

Each Participant of the New Moon will receive a .mp3 on the morning of September 29 by Noon Eastern Time. On the evening of September 29, St. Michaelmas or Holy Day of Archangel Michael an Altar will be set up and photographed before and middle of Ceremony and you will receive the photos of the Ceremony on The morning of September 30, 2019.

I hope you take advantage of this offer and place your petitions on our Sacred Altar to The Most Holiest Angel of Humanity. 


Participation Fee For These Services Are Below:

New Moon 5° Libra Transmission : $35.00 >>>

Holy Day of Archangel Michael : $25.00 >>>

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer


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AA Michael1

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