Full Moon ~ October 13, Aries 20° Activation.

Full Moon in Aries


Leaves rustling in the wind and the cool temperatures moving in, we can definitely see that Autumn has fully blessed us with her presence. The Aries Full Moon is upon us come  Sunday October 13, at 5:10 pm ET.  Mother Luna is awakening upon us at 20 degrees in the astrological sign of the Ram. The Full Moon falling upon October 13 activates the Divine Feminine and our psychic awareness which alerts our psyche to pay close attention to our surroundings and our experience in our day to day interactions with energy.

This Full Moon forms a T square with Pluto and Jupiter, which  Pluto is a planet of transformation. Pluto will be lending its power in helping us shed the layers of emotion and energy that’s weighing us down and making our surroundings feel as if we are not gaining any ground. Once the activating sequence of the Full Moon reaching peak at 20° it will activate Lunar frequency which will begin to shed layers rapidly allowing us to reach our fullest empowerment of self. Also, being that Aries is the first sign in the zodiac it is a beginning of a new cycle of signs which begins anew awakening a new beginning and a energy of leadership and ownership.

Jupiter affects upon this Full Moon creates doors of opportunity to open effortlessly. It also gives a increase in personal empowerment and positive change and blessings. Jupiter also opens up and facilitates spiritual growth, subtle forces are working to advance you or promote you to a higher level  personally, mundanely, or metaphysically. It is shown in many visions received by myself that a person of power will have a profound influence in the life of ones that receive this energy appropriately.

The Aries Full Moon has influence by the constellation of Andromeda which give virtue and honor. It also gives energy to the Divine Feminine energy, so October 13 activates the karmic energy of spiritual consciousness. Awakening and Opening our Spiritual Consciousness and our Divine Feminine Connection.


Benefits of Full Moon Activation 

– Blessings

– Facilitation of Spiritual Growth

-Up-Leveling of Spiritual Consciousness

– Removal of Blocks and Attachments

– Personal Power Upgrade

– Empowerment


In Light of this Full Moon Rev. Bryan will be commencing ceremony on October 13, 2019 @ 8 pm ET and will record the Full Moon 20° Aries Activation via .mp3 and send it to all participants by 12 midnight ET on October 14, 2019.

The participation fee for the Full Moon 20° Aries Activation is $33.00 and can be purchased >>>   paypal.me/amagickaljourney/33

I hope you join me in this Aries Full Moon and Awaken the Divine Feminine,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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Full Moon in Aries
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