New Moon at 4° Sagittarius Transmission



As we approach each monumental shift in our waking hours I stop and wonder and access the feelings I feel during these shifts. Why are the energies so sporadic with major high and lows?  The energies are greatly influenced by the Mars opposition to Uranus which has a reputation of being a very disruptive influence in astrology.

The energies of this New Moon is at 4° Sagittarius and in alignment with a very powerful star named Acrab that is located in the constellation of the Scorpion, that will empower us with a abundant stream of power, money, and success. The New Moon quincunx Uranus brings in tension and anxiety. These aspects have been known to make individuals rather indecisive. The Sun quincunx Uranus can make you nervous tense and in extremely high volumes of stress. The Planet Mars is energizing a extremely sensitive degree which is amplifying certain aspects in this New Moon’s Astrology. This Mars opposing Uranus aspect makes extremely difficult to relax especially when freedom has been restricted or your creative expression is blocked.

The Sagittarius New Moon tend to make us want to plant new seeds of intentions with the beginning of the cycle being so strong.  With the Moon in Sagittarius you have an optimistic approach to life and you believe that things will get better even if you get into trouble. People that will be effected by this will need something to search for so their life will have meaning.


Benefits of The New Moon 4° Sagittarius: 

  • Calming, Relaxing Energies 
  • Increase in Personal Power
  • Increase in Success 
  • Intense Spiritual Shifts 
  • Planting New Intentions 

In Light of this New Moon in 4° Sagittarius, Rev. Bryan’s ceremony will commence at midnight on November 26, and will record a energetic transmission that will allow the energies of this New Moon to be more easier on the energetic body.


The participation fee for this New Moon in 4° Sagittarius Transmission will be $25.00 USD and can be purchased through the following link  >>>


After the participation fee has been purchased, please email Rev. Bryan your first and last name for your name to be placed upon the Altar. He hopes to assist your energetic body upon this intense time of sporadic energetic shifts.

Blessing To You All,

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

A Magickal Journey


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New Moon in Sagittarius


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