Full Moon in 20° Leo Transmission February 9, 2020



As we move closer to the Full Moon on February 9, 2020 we are basked in the full fiery glory of the Full Moon in 20° Leo. The Leo Full Moon brings a immense amount of energy, and empowerment of self and others. This Full Moon is mostly influenced by the planet Mars and will give strength and initiative in all things within this energy. The Mars energy will spark a intuitive sense within a individual to intuitively strive for what it is exactly they are wanting to achieve.

The Full Moon and Mars make a interesting trine, which makes it a ideal moon to act on instinct. Our intuition will be heightened during this time because we are within full lunation. There will be a interesting energy that the trine will bring in a honest and sincere vibration that will make people more approachable. It will also seem as if more people are not as uptight.

Full Moon is quincunx Neptune this may increase your emotions and get them a bit on the sensitive side. With Mars intensifying emotions there could be some relationship issues in the love area and possibly in business relationships as well. To avoid this try to find a physical and emotional balancing tool to help with this. Our psychic abilities are greatly enhanced at this time with Neptune’s impact on our psyche.

Some of the Benefits of this Transmission: 

  • Upgrading & Intensifying
  • Increased Sensitivities & Enhanced Intuition 
  • Honest and Sincerity 
  • Empowering and Inspirational 



In Light of this Full Moon, Rev. Bryan will be Drawing Down The Moon. He will use the traditional Drawing Down The Moon Ritual and then will channel the energy of the full beauty.


If you are interested in receiving this upgrade and intensification of your true potential, Sign up by clicking the following link at a low affordable price of $27.00



After you have made the purchase please email your First and Last Name.

Be ready for your life to make a beautiful shift into the TRUE YOU!!!!  


~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

A Magickal Journey



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