New Moon in 4° 28′ Pisces February 23, 2020

New Moon in Pisces


As we approach the dark mother she begins to wane ever so quickly.  On February 23 we are blessed by the darkness of mother moon in 4° 28′ Pisces and we see the energies are very well placed with the energy of this New Moon. It joins a very powerful star called Fomalhaut. There is also a Minor Grand Trine aspect which spirals cosmic energy of the Mars trine Uranus into the new moon. The cosmic energy within our Universe is already uneasy due to the Mercury Retrograde.

Fomalhaut is one of four of the Royal Stars and is associated with the Archangel Gabriel which is also ruler over the Moon herself. This star also lends power to the Mars trine Uranus placement which brings massive opportunities to develop your natural talents (psychic abilities) and reach your full potential. Your confidence level will also increase due to this placement. The fixed star Fomalhaut’s power increase the intensity and importance of this New Moon. This fixed stars energy coupled with the New Moon shows a need for new grounding techniques to be put in place.

The Minor Grand Trine aspect Mars trine Uranus ushers in the energy of breaking free from restrictions and boring routines allowing one to adopt new devotional techniques. This aspect also give expressiveness and allows one to become very skillful. The New Moon assists the Minor Grand Trine in making it easier for the trine to vibrate its full potential. This is a very fortunate aspect because the New Moon allows you to develop your potentials without having to work extremely hard.This is a wonderful time to plan and execute all plans that you have been trying to get into.
The Mercury Rx (retrograde) clouds judgement and communication regardless of what placement it is in. The mercury retrograde is squared the moon so theirs inner conflict with thoughts and feelings. This ultimately leads to massive amounts of anxiety and this will make folks really indecisive and moody. Mercury Retrograde goes direct on March 9, so there will be a couple of weeks of anxiousness and moodiness.

Benefits of this New Moon in 4° 28′ Pisces Transmission:

~ Enhancement of Psychic Instincts

~ New Beginnings & Initiative 

~ Breaking Free from Old Habits & Indecisiveness

~ Enhancement of Inner Power 

~ Courageous, Vitality 

In light of this New Moon in 4° Pisces, Rev. Bryan will be in ceremony on Sunday February 23, 2020 at 8 pm ET to bring in the New Moon in 4° Pisces Transmission.
If you are interested in participating, please click the following and pay the participation Fee of $25.00 and you name will be added to the list for the New Moon Altar.

Here is the link for Participation Fee 

I hope you take advantage of this magnificent New Moon to bring in much needed energy that is important for our personal evolution!
Thank You So Much and Much Love to everyone,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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New Moon in Pisces
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