Ward/Protection Spell Work & Financial Security/Enhancement Spell Work.

As our planet and species are in a state of global panic, I encourage everyone to take a deep breath and ground yourself and try your best not to let the panic that is being felt deeply within. I’ve been asked repeatedly to help with this situation by spirit and clients all over the world.

It’s my duty as a Spiritual Counselor and Healer to put my fellow human at ease and to provide comfort and reassurance that we as beings of this planet will get through this. This may take a few months for us to get a handle on this but this too shall pass. Those of us that choose to take the exit point that was intended for them, it’s their time and their path.

Humanity is flooded with fear at this time, fear of contracting the virus, fear of their family catching it, fear of death, fear of loosing their job, fear of being financially unstable, fear of starvation and those are just to name a few. The fear of the unknown is the biggest fear of them all.

These fears have led me to offer magickal work and energy work to help with this global pandemic.

I, Rev. Bryan Rawls will be commencing (2) spell workings and (1) Light Language Activation to help with the fear, and other emotions or situations that this pandemic has caused.

The 2 Spell workings will be as follows: the first working is a Ward/Protection/Healing Spell and the second working is a Financial Security/Enhancement Spell. 

The Light Language Activation called Regeneration of The Telomeres & Reinforce The Divine Blueprint. 


I’m making this service affordable for all folks at a low price of $22.00. 

The participation fee can be paid here: paypal.me/amagickaljourney/22 


On March 19, 2020, I, Rev. Bryan, will be in sacred space and casting the (2) spell workings accordingly. You will receive photographs of each spell working altar. You will also receive a mp3 recording of the Activation that will be sent out by midnight on March 19th.
You will not want to miss this special service so you can protect you and your family from this hysteria that is causing mass fear. We send our love to each of you in this time of fear.
I send BLESSINGS to each of you!!! 
**** FYI If you are wanting your family to be added to the Spell working just list the names of your immediate family members and the one time price of $22 will cover your immediate family.
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
A Magickal Journey
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