Full Moon in 18° Libra & Divine PanchaKarma Energies Coronavirus Immunity.

Full Moon in Libra


As we are coming together energetically in this time of great need, mother nature blesses us with another beauty. The Full Moon in 18° Libra is quincunx Neptune which is sensitizing energies even more then what we need at this moment as times are already very sensitive. It is also said that Neptune itself has a intensifying effect so we can expect the energies of fear and confusion to increase as we go into this full moon. There is also a Mars square Uranus aspect that leads to impulsiveness and rebellious. Then, we have Mercury which is sextiled to Jupiter and Pluto which allows positive thinking and truth to surface.

The Full Moon being quincunx to Neptune this bring a enhancement in emotional sensitivity to energies. Also, Neptune symbolizes the energies of the unseen and mysterious so if you look at it in this prospective this may intensify the virus spread in communities. The energies of Neptune also have a spiritual aspect to it which allows our extra sensory abilities to intensify dramatically in which brings our healing abilities into prospective as well. This is letting humanity understand that with this full moon intensifying our abilities as healer we are ready to be useful when the time comes to heal the sick.

The energies of Mars being squared to Uranus increase risk of exposure due to rebellious and not following orders or instructions. This aspect also leads to impulsiveness which makes folks impulsive and antsy wanting to go out etc. It is very important to remain patient during this time as we move into crucial times as the energies increase and the government continue to play with lives.

Now we do have a positive note to this Full Moon which is Mercury being sextiled to Jupiter and Pluto making positive thinking be within the spotlight of the full moon. Also with the fullness of the moon and the lunation it is said that secrets are revealed during this time. The Truth will surface. We will see who is really in it for the people. This energies that mother earth is revealing isn’t because of her its because of human conditioning. We must come together at this time.

During the time of the Stay-at-Home Orders that were put into place I have had a lot of time on my hands so I have been taking classes. I received the energies of the Divine PanchaKarma Energies from Divine Mother and Dhanvantari which one of those energies were to assist humanity with the Coronavirus so I decided to take the class and then offer it with this Full Moon. It is to grow Immunity to the Coronavirus which means that you will either not contract it or if you do get it, it will be very minor and be similar to the common cold.

If you would like to receive the Full Moon in 18° Libra Transmission and Divine PanchaKarma Energies:  Coronavirus Immunity the exchange fee is $30.00.

You can purchase at the following link : paypal.me/amagickaljourney/30


You will receive two mp3’s which will be Full Moon Transmission and then the Divine PK Energies: Coronavirus Immunity.
Please email me your First and Last name so that you can receive your mp3’s.
You will receive this by the time of midnight of April 7, 2020.
I send many Blessings and Love to you All Stay Healthy and Remember WASH YOUR HANDS,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
Email: angelicguidance13@gmail.com
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Full Moon


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