Special Promotion during Time of Crisis for Spiritual Support or Psychic Counseling.

Special Promotion2
When the world is in it’s darkest time I know everyone is crippled by fear, confusion and frustration. It is during times like this when I would want a level of support to
reach out to, well guess what?
A Magickal Journey has your supplies and counseling needs in this global pandemic at a very affordable rate.
Whether it’s healing or removal of stuck emotions that are causing inflammation or other illnesses or ailments in the body.

We are having a special promotional sale during the duration of this Global Pandemic. 

We have the following Specials:

Per Minute Sessions 
15 minute – $29
20 minute – $39
30 minute – $59
45 minute – $69 
60 minute – $79
90 minute – $119
Healing Work ~ 30 Minutes – $30
Healing Work ~ 60 minutes -$60
All Spell Work (excluding Love work) $50
Love Work ~ $75
Ancestral Healing Ceremony ~ $100.00 
All Oils $13.00
All Floor Sweep & Washes ~ $15
Charged Quartz Crystals (charged w/ Seraphim Energies) 
your crystal: $15
stock crystal: $30
(4) grid crystals: $60
Light Language 45 minute session: $55
Divine PanchaKarma Energies Full Session: $55
Seraphim Healing 45 min Session: $60
Channeled Personal Power Sigil ~ $33.00

Any of the following investments can be purchased at the following link paypal.me/amagickaljourney

Just fill in the amount listed above on the correct service or product. 

***These prices subject to change without notice*** 

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer
Cert. Psychic Medium, Cert. Reiki Master Teacher
Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner, Divine PanchaKarma Pract.
Witch, Light Language Speaker, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Website Banner Bryan
Special Promotion1
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