New Moon in 03° Taurus Transmission 4/22/2020 & Holy Feast Day of St Expedite on 4/19/2020.


The dark moon is upon us at 03° Taurus, on April 22, 2020, which is also conjunct Uranus which indicates unexpected change. The New Moon is also squared Saturn which Saturn is a tremendously influential planet in Astrology. These placements predict some challenging energies ahead in the coming weeks and months. There is some positive influence that is within this lunation and it is with two fixed stars called Sheratan and Mesirarthim, With these two stars expect some activation within the throat, third eye, and crown area and also there is a protective quality too these stars as well. There is also an asteroid among us and this asteroid is one that is not really talked about in mainstream astrology but its worth giving warning about. It’s the asteroid named 18 Melpomene.

The New Moon being conjunct Uranus is a indicator of major change among us. We may even have schedules and routines that are being turned upside down this is what the energies of Uranus does it brings folks out of their comfort zone and causing major impulsiveness. You will even feel extreme empathy around emotions such as restlessness, impatience, and nervous tension in and around the world.

As the New Moon is squared to the planet Saturn expect some delays and possible restrictions to be brought about. The Saturn energy also will make you feel as if reaching your goals are extremely difficult so prepare yourself with limitations that will become a new norm. There is also a large amount of loneliness, depression and isolation that is in result of this aspect to this game changer called Saturn.

The two fixed stars Sheratan and Mesarthim: Sheratan is a star that indicates many folks being accident prone at this time which will be mostly surrounding the throat, mouth, eyes, and head area of the body so please exercise vigilance. The fixed star Mesarthim has a protective almost controlling quality about it. Also understand that with the energies of this transmission this will bring everything to a neutral state of being so it will not be so influential and make this time uncomfortable. The Asteroid 18 Melpomene is by far the most energy that I would like for folks read to approach with caution this particular asteroid usually indicates tragedies but if you look at the times we are in what more of a tragedy can we experience.

If you decide to invest in this transmission recorded mp3 you will be surrounded by protective forces, and will be neutralizing all of the energies that are of a polarity that not in alignment with our bio energetic field.


Some of the benefits of the Transmission are as follows:

  • Activation of Protective Seraphim Energies
  • Upgrade of DNA/RNA 
  • Upgrade of Auric Field 
  • Awakening of The Solar Grids 
  • Anchoring of 5D Grids 
  • Activation of The Dark Moon 


If you are interested in investing in this transmission, please know that on April 22, 2020 Rev. Bryan will be commencing the Dark Moon Ritual and adding all individuals that invest in the fee of $25.00.

Dark Moon Ritual: 

After you have purchase please email me with your first and last name so that you can be added upon the list for the Dark Moon Altar.

Also, remember Saint Expedites Holy Feast Day is April 19, 2020 so please make sure you sign up for the Holy Feast Day of Saint Expedite. His Feast will be at 8 pm EST on 4/19/2020.

Holy Feast Day for St Expedite: 


I hope you join me in these rituals during these difficult times.

P.S. Also on 4/20/2020, I will be having a a Earth Day Activation which will connect us more to the elemental kingdom and allows us to awaken and begin our communication and relationship with the fairies, devas, sprites, gnomes, elves, etc, etc.

If you are interested in deepening your connection with the Nature Realm then be ready for advancing your connection by the Earth Day Activation.

Here is link for Earth Day Activation: Connecting to The Nature Realm ( Elemental Kingdom)   


Link to pay for all 3 services (

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams Blessed Be And Namaste,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer
Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Reiki Master
Light Language Channel, Seraphim Blueprint Lvl 1-6
Root-Worker, Witch, and Occult Practitioner
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New Moon in Taurus



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