The Holy Month of May

The month of May has many auspicious energies within it’s horizon so we are in for a wonderful activating time of upgrading and activation. The first day of the month has specialness to it regardless of what beliefs we come? Beltaine, is a gaelic celebratory festival that allows energies of the growing up of more rituals to work to bring the light back to the earth. May 10, is our Divine Mother Festival Day which means the adolescent sun is now willing to go forth and bring a plentiful crop. The number 5 shows a balance is numerology also shows abundance, fortune, and excitement in many settings. May also means (The Great One) which means the first full moon of the month of May is when the great one’s birthday s Mahatma Buddha, this time is known as w.e.s.a.k week.

Many upgrading, activating and regenerating to be going on during this time.

This is a time accelerated ascension so jump aboard and make sure you all the tools to make it in this world that is ascending oh so quickly!! The Full Moon in 17° in Scorpio is accelerating it all.

  • Full Moon in 17° Scorpio Transmission
  • Throat (Visudda Centre Activation) 
  • Third Eye (Anja Centre Activation)
  • Crown (Sahasrara Centre Activation)
  • Divine Mother Womb Activation
  • Extensive Deep Healing of The Womb- this will help with healing ancestral lines
  • Bodhisattva Light Body Healing – this is like a makeover for your light body 
  • Regeneration of Cells w/ Cellular Healing this is a cellular scrub 
  • and so much more.


This will be a Live Zoom Session that will happen the week of the Full Moon that will be two days which these two days will be approx. 60-90 minutes a piece. 

The dates for these Live Sessions are Thursday @ 1:00 pm ET Friday @ 1:00 pm ET.


If you are interested in participating please invest here @ the following link 


The is priced so low due to the economic level our economy is at and this activation will help with manifesting and much more. The retail value of this package is $440.00 per person, receiving this at a low price of $55.00 per person.

After I see the investment come thru I will be sending out a mass email with instruction on how to get into the webinar by Wednesday 11a m ET.

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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