Pleiades Line Up & New Moon in Gemini Transmission

New Moon in Gemini


During the dates of May 17 – May 22 is the energies of the Pleiades Star Cluster, while humanity is energetically up-leveling and upgrading in a multitude of ways. When our sun is at Galactic (25, 26, 27) degree of Taurus or Scorpio, we are in astronomical alignment with the Pleiades, both at the conjunct in Taurus or the opposition in Scorpio. The Pleiadian energy signature on the planet is activated, like a gong that lasts for three days, twice a year. It is a time of Pleiadian entrances and exits, when they tend to their projects, whether starting, maintaining or ending.

Those with the matching energy signature can be activated (woken up), those already awake can be empowered, and those ready to finish and graduate may leave, or start something new at a higher level. We also have the New Moon in 02° Gemini which is all about rebuilding and recovery of our physical reality. This New Moon gives humanity a steady flow of energy running through our energy bodies as we go through these upgrades and up-leveling that will accompany the Pleiadian Line Up. While this New Moon gives a chance for a fresh start allow yourself time to begin anew. There will be many things that restructure as we move through this New Moon. These new assignments, experiments, and upgrades will last through til the June Eclipse so be prepared to have a few Ascension Symptoms that will accompany these upgrades. 

If you are interested in joining in for these upgrades and activations that will accompany this New Moon and Pleiadian Line Up, the participation fee for these services are $30.00 and can be purchased through the following link:


Your name will be added to the Altar for these powerful services. You will receive 2 mp3s on the morning of May 22, 2020.

P.S. I am also sending this email to let everyone know that I have to extend my medical leave til Monday May 25, 2020 so if you have a scheduled session before that date with me please email me to reschedule.

Much love to you all,

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer

(Source: for Pleiadian Line Up  Information)


Pleiadian Lineup

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