New Moon in Galactic Degree Cancer and Solstice Eclipse Gateway.

It’s time again for the New Moon in 00° 21′ Cancer along with a Solar Eclipse portal that will allow the energy to be  very concentrated streaming in. This energy will make emotions rather high and fluctuate very rapidly. You will see many folks staying to themselves at this time due to the rapid emotional cycles that individuals may experience.

 The New Moon being stationed at galactic degree Cancer shows that many lightworkers and starseeds will receive massive downloads during this New Moon and Solstice Gateway. Some of us will have energies of depression and anxiety this being due to the energy of the New Moon being in Cancer. Our clairsentience is in the spotlight within this New Moon so as the Moon positions in Cancer expect major energy fluctuations. 

Some of the Benefits of Receiving the New Moon in Galactic Degree Cancer Transmission and Solstice Gateway Activation:

  1. Increased Downloads & Upgrades
  2. Emotional Body Upgrades
  3. Increased Clairsentience 
  4. Energy Stabilization Protocols 

In Light of this powerful time, I will be commencing ceremony on June 20/21, 2020 to bring in these powerful energies.

If you are interested in participating please, purchase the follow two activations:

New Moon in 00° Cancer and Solstice Gateway Activations at the price of $33.00.

You can pay at this link 

These activation are a set and must be listen to back to back to receive full benefit. I hope you join us for the New Moon and Solstice Tranmission. 

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer

Psychic Medium and Healer


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