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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 4° 44′ Aquarius Transmission

As we step forth within the ending of the month of July we feel this energy very raw and intrusive within our emotional bodies. This full moon lunar eclipse is at 4° 44′ Aquarius which means that this energy allows … Continue reading

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Solstice and Stargate Activations

  The stargate that brings our physical bodies ushering through this energy of the 6/21 Stargate that opens a brand new awareness to our perception of our physical bodies.  This will allow for physical perception change to every level of … Continue reading

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Pleiades Stargate Opening May 21st.

The Pleiades Star cluster is in alignment with Mother Earth twice a year in the months of May and November. It’s when the most Pleiades activity is present within Father Sky. We open our minds to the new installments that … Continue reading

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12:12 Portal/Stargate Light Codes

On December 12, 2016, we will be entering into a portal of new beginnings, new realities, and new dimensional folds that will give us access into these new opportunities of awareness for our Light Bodies to exist and vibrate in … Continue reading

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