Tonight at 8 pm ET, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page.

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Tonight at 8 pm ET, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page.

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Full Moon, Summer Solstice and 2 more Upcoming Events

Full Moon in Sagittarius


On Monday, June 17, 2019 we have a magickal Full Moon in 25° Sagittarius. This Full Moon coincides with two planetary aspects that have been major for the current year which are the planets Neptune and Saturn. These two planetary aspects happen the day before the Full Moon and the day after the Full Moon. The energy of the Full Moon is still very potent and will take the lead in the energies of these planets. These two planetary aspects are Jupiter square Neptune and Saturn sextile Neptune. Four days after the Full Moon, we have Litha/Summer Solstice which is a very powerful day and marks a thinning of the veil where magick is very potent.

Jupiter square Neptune brings optimism and trust in self and individuals with Divine Wisdom. Remember to be optimistic but also remember to understand your own limitations that are realistic. Do know that inside you, within, that anything is possible and that this is a aspect that allows dreams to come true and a very powerful aspect to manifest with ease and grace. The manifestation power works in unison with your Divine Will and spiritual memories of Divine Knowledge has a simplicity to recall at this time. Use this time to your advantage and look into the past and recall the memories of your Divinity and bring that wisdom into your current reality as you unfold the potential of your magickal wisdom. The planets of both Jupiter and Neptune both hold a significance with spiritual energy.  Jupiter gives a spiritual exploration of the many facets of higher consciousness as well as good luck and fortune. Neptune is a planet of inspirations, dreams, and psychic manifestation it opens up the many doors within our human consciousness to access and increase our psychic receptivity and awaken and recognize our sacredness.

Saturn sextile Neptune awakens our faith to great strengths and allows our confidence to be known for the realization of truth in our journey to light/ascension. These placements gives no time for shortcuts but gives us strength to ascend the path of enlightenment and express the truth of our light. There will be a major amount of success in all endeavors with this placement no matter what is being worked on due to the magick that within the air. Dreams and Manifestation are very rewarding and auspicious at this time in our evolution. The fact that we are in a magnificent  lunation for success means that nothing is impossible unless you allow your thoughts and your mind to develop self doubt and limitation. So you must keep a healthy aspect of dreaming happy and successful.

We also have in our midst, the Orion Alignment and Litha/Summer Solstice which is a very magickal time to allow for success in all magickal endeavors. The Orion Alignment is when the Orion Constellation is in alignment with Mother Earth and our Great Central Sun which allows for a beacon of Orion energy to beam down and begin to download us with Orion codes to awaken and activate more codons and codes within Orion Star-Seed DNA. Litha/Summer marks the beginning of Summer and also is a time when it marks the Suns full power in the growing season, it is also known as the longest day of the year and the shortest night of the year. In other Magickal traditions it known as St John’s Day, St. John’s Eve, Gathering Day, Midsummer’s Eve there are many names to this very magickal day. This magickal time fuels the power of ancient magicks which allows the energy of spells, incantations great power. This day varies in time each year and can happen anytime between June 21, 22, 23, and 24. Those are the four days that are celebrated and that a lot of magickal practitioner make it a week of celebrations to make sure that they use this potent energy to their advantage.

Rev. Bryan will be doing multiple ceremonies during this power time. 

You can participate each of them separately or you can pay One Special Price for 
All 4 Special Events/Working at a Special Price of $55.00  >>>

Full Moon Transmission in 25° Sagittarius ~ June 17 ($30.00)

Orion Alignment Activation ~ June 20 ($15.00)

Litha/ Summer Solstice Activation ~ June 21-22 ($25.00)

St John’s Eve & Day Spells ~ June 23 – 24 ($15.00) 

If you purchase any of the services separately and do not want to participate in all  4 please email back and list the service you purchased and we will put you on the list for that service. If you do participate in all 4 services please email back and say your in for all 4 and list your name and then your request for your spell. It can be any type of spell from Love, Money, Road Opening, Block Buster, Healing, etc etc.

I look forward to working with all of you. Take advantage of these events and do participate you will have loads of fun with magickal manifestation!!!

Blessing TO YOU ALL!!!!!

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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Summer Solstice

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6/6 Activation ~ Activate your Soul’s Purpose.

I will be doing a 6/6 Activation which will be bringing in the humanitarian energies and also our Soul Purpose Energies.

This is a Short Notice of the Activation but this Activation is to Activate our Soul’s Purpose and is priced at $30.00 and can be purchased at the following link  >>>

This activation will bring our Soul Purpose Fully Online within our energy body to manifest it’s presence in our Physical Reality, so that more synchronicity can begin to start happening where we can live fully in our purpose. I hope you all take advantage of this special offer only to select few who are ready!!!

Also, I will be having a BOGO Sale til June 22, 2019 which is Buy one Service at Regular Price Get Second Service at Equal Value 50% OFF.

You can find my services here:

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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New Moon 12° Gemini Transmission, the Portal of Aldebaran & the 13 Star-Seed Ascension Keys.

New Moon in Gemini


On Monday, June 3 and Tuesday, June 4, 2019 we have a New Moon in 12° 33′ of Gemini the twins which is overseen by the planetary Archangel Raphael. Also, it’s a New Moon which the moon is overseen by Archangel Gabriel. So coupled, these two archangels play a role hand in hand surrounding our intuitive ability of healing and activating our master healing capabilities. The New Moon connects in with the fixed star Aldebaran in the Eye of the Bull. The importance of this star gives a monumental amount of energy and courage to take advantage of the New Moon opportunities.  Aldebaran is known as one of the most important stars in Astrology.

A New Moon represents the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle of beginnings and awareness of the possibilities. The Sun conjunct Moon gives a exhilarating burst of new energy and initiative to take charge of planting the new seeds of intentions for the next 28 day cycle. The New Moon in Gemini appears in the Taurus Constellation which is the Eye of The Bull which gives it a precision of the energy of the fixed star Aldebaran. Aldebaran is one of the four key stars in the heavens or also known as the 4 royals stars and archangel stars. This gives a very fortunate placement in our sky within the energy of this New Moon, the influence of Aldebaran will most definitely be felt tremendously during this new moon.


Aldebaran is called The Watcher of the East which is governed by Archangel Michael which is the celestial protector of the Heavens. Aldebaran and the New Moon begins to opens up a portal that sheds light on the energies of the mysteries of the mind, awakening more areas of the brain that has been dormant for ions. The Portal of Aldebaran brings light and elevation to the Diamond Consciousness which awakens the Third Eye and brings revelation to the mysteries of the Diamond Consciousness. The consciousness of diamond light is the results of intense powerful rays of cosmic energies that are coming at us through our Sun and the many other planetary alignments that are occurring.  We are being rebooted in order for us to align with a advanced way of being so that our light bodies are facets of Diamond Light that activate the many different potentials that we have available to us. The Portal of Aldebaran will be active for a total of 12 hours, illuminating the energies within the third eye, fourth eye, crown, soul star and stellar gateway chakras which will allow for divine wisdom and power to activate the 13 Star Seed Ascension Keys for Star Seed Evolution.

The New Moon is also in alignment with some stars within the Orion Constellation within Orion’s Shield meaning that our spiritual light will be guarded by his shield while we are receiving the activation of the 13 Star Seed Ascension Keys which will speed our Star Seed Evolution up exponentially allowing for pure illumination of our light body. The Orion energies are all about Divine Love and Divine Unity so remember that this energy is much needed within our atmosphere to change the energy of Earth’s global status. It all starts with folks coming into unity consciousness and sitting in intention while the New Moon Ceremony and The 13 Key Ceremony is being conducted. There is also alignment within the Lepus Constellation as well which is known as “The Hare” which lies underneath the feet of Orion and is said that it is chased by Orion the Hunter which gives a quickness and also the energy of being lucky because obviously he never gets caught. So, that being said, this will be a very eventful and lucky New Moon to say the least, which automatically gives the authority for trying your luck at games of chance and also energies of unexpected funds popping up as well. Also, manifestations and our dreams and desires are coming into full fruition.

In Light of this magickal time, Rev. Bryan will be commencing ceremony on June 4, 2019 to bring through the New Moon in 12° Gemini Transmission and The Portal of Aldebaran & The 13 Star-Seed Ascension Keys. For those that would like to participate in the following transmission and portal, there will be a Participation Fee of $37.00 which you will receive (2) recording’s as .mp3’s.

The $37.00 fee is the Early Bird Special!

If you wait to purchase on June 3 or 4, the fee will be $44.00. So take advantage of the Early Bird Special of $37.00 and click this link >>>  

You definitely will not want to miss this opportunity. The 13 Star Seed Ascension Keys are crucial for all star seeds. I will discuss more about the 13 keys in a Blog Post that will be available by this weekend of what the 13 keys can do for you!!!

I hope to have you join in on this profound illuminating time of Ascension of our Illuminated Diamond Consciousness coming into our full Divine Potential!

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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Tonight at 8 pm ET, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page.

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Full Moon in 27° Scorpio Transmission & Pleiades Line Up 2019.

Full Moon in Scorpio


The May 18, 2019 Full Moon is at 27°38′ in the astrological sign of Scorpio, which this is a placement that protects and brings awareness to hidden worlds (dimensions), secrets and deep emotional feelings. The Sun is conjoined when in this lunar phase with the planetary aspect of Mercury which brings about vital communication also is in a Mercury trine Pluto placement. The Scorpio Full Moon is a distinctive time for deep emotions and psychic energies coming full force. This allows Scorpio’s Moon in it’s watery nature to be extremely intense for our psychic development and with in being at the peak of the Pleiades Line-Up. 

The Sun conjunct Mercury is the placement which will make communication with others, our higher self, and our galactic soul family more intriguing as we move more further into the Pleiades Line-up while we are in this full lunar phase. This placement gives us the ability to be detailed with our higher self to allow for intentions and affirmations to be heard precisely. It will also be a very creative self purifying period where our words and the way we express ourselves will be aligned with our full potential.

The Mercury trine Pluto aspect has a very important, positive and self assuring influence on this full moon. This trine will allow you to focus and bring a deeper understanding of things that have been hidden or that are not of this world. It will assist you in getting you more deeper in touch with your deep seated emotions. This also shows some interactions with your relationships as well which will evolve to a deeper level. This is including personal, business and self relationships. There is a overall raise in vibratory frequency as I am writing this email and it will continue til the next Full Moon and even longer.

The Pleiades Line-Up 2019 is in affect for the first time this year from May 15-May 22. This means our sun is at Galactic (25, 26, 27,28) degree of Taurus or Scorpio, when we  are in alignment with the Pleiades Stars, both at the conjunct in Taurus or the opposition in Scorpio. The Pleiades energy signatures on the planet is activated, like a gong that lasts for four to six days, two times a year. It is a time of Pleiades entrances and exits, when they tend to their projects, whether starting, maintaining or ending the projects of their kind. Those with the matching energy signatures can be woken up, those that are already awake can receive empowerment, and those that are going to start, finishing up or ending projects can leave or start something new at a higher vibration totally up to the Pleiades agenda. Some of these projects can be bringing in upgrades, uploading star languages, uploading star symbols, and also facilitating walk-ins and walk-outs. These Pleiades being can assist in bringing in certain planetary upgrades for our human evolution and even allow for Ancient secrets and Ancient Technology to Surface. 

This Pleiades Line-Up 2019, what has been explained to me by my galactic beings that I communicate with said precisely, that our planet will receive energetic surges of Pleiades energies directly into our light bodies which will penetrate our body and accelerate processes within our energetic makeup. This energetic surges will be ripples of energies that we will physically feel as the alignment is near. These energy surges will intensify our galactic communication with our galactic beings, they will also intensify our capacity to make changes to the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. These changes will enhance our healing approach to the entirety of the human body. We also can look forward to activation and new upgrades to the genetic coding of the physical and spiritual DNA that runs in our master cell in our body. It will even combat free radicals within the body from planetary pollution so I encourage you, you will not want to miss this Activation/Upgrade of Pleiades Energetic’s nor this Full Moon in Scorpio.

In Light of these two profound moments within this prosperous time of the year, Rev. Bryan will be receive energies in ceremony and will record 2 MP3 Recordings that will be for participants that register for the Ceremony.

The participation fee for both of the recordings are $44.00. They can only be purchase together because there are preparatory codes within the Full Moon MP3 to go with the Pleiades Energetic Line-Up MP3. 

To Register for this ceremony please click the following link to register >>>

This is the Early Bird Fee!
After May 18, The Recording Price will be $88.00 due to the amount of codes that will be present within these two once in a lifetime recording. You will be astounded by the energy of these magickal beings upgrading the human and spiritual DNA to the next evolutionary process. You will begin to feel the anticipation of the energies as we approach peak of the Full Moon and the Pleiades Energetic’s.
Look Forward to Seeing You in Spirit in Ceremony!!! 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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Pleiadian Lineup


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