New Moon in 17° Virgo Transmission and 9:9 Ancestor Portal Activation.

New Moon in Virgo


As we approach the energy of the New Moon in 17° Virgo, this new moon is a minor grand trine with a fixed star called, Mizar. We also have the Sun, Moon, and Mercury all in the astrological sign of Virgo. We also will have majority of our solar systems planets in earth signs during the peak of new moon, Mars, Saturn, Pluto in astrological sign of Capricorn. The energy of the Earth Trine is interesting with Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, & Uranus in Taurus. There is also New Moon Opposing the planet Neptune and sextile Jupiter. Jupiter sextiles Pluto and the New Moon trines Pluto.

The energies during this new moon will bring many discoveries around the foundation of the pathways of our lives due to the majority of our planets being in Earth signs and the Earth trine. This also brings grounding energies into the body which reinforces your root chakra and allows upgrades to be installed. The Sun, Moon and Mercury all being in the astrological sign of Virgo allows a stream of codes to spiral in regarding, sacred service to self and others, sacred space, and sacred wellness. The planets Mars, Saturn and Pluto are in the sign of Capricorn which this will give the energy responsibility and commitment to our Ascension Path. The magickal planet of Uranus is within the fierce sign of Taurus has long been prophesied as The Golden Age and Uranus has only been in Taurus for 3 months and this is the first time it is influencing the energies we are experiencing. 

We have the powerful influence of a earth trine and a minor grand trine with the new moon. The earth trine is with the planets Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, this earth trine influences areas of our life such as communication, intellect, and spiritual destiny and your life force energy. The energy of Mercury will influence your Throat Chakra allowing for upgrades to awaken more areas of your light language it’s about remembering. The energy of Saturn will influence your thought patterns and perception changing and upgrading your perception of your reality. Also Uranus will activate a spontaneous kundalini awakening for humanity which will enable you to step into your divine soul essence and feel the empowerment that Uranus is allowing. 

The New Moon is within a minor grand trine with Pluto in Capricorn, sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio, and Pluto sextile Scorpio. This trine is activating aspects that brings in the energies of the Ancestors into our understanding. Also take note that the New Moon falls on 9/9 which equals to 18 and 1+8=9 which the number 9 brings the energy of the Ancestors to the front. The Ancestors with the energies of Jupiter, Pluto, and Scorpio, they mention that Jupiter brings energies of purpose, Pluto brings energies of change and transformation, and Scorpio brings energies of beginnings and endings and transition. The star Mizar speaks volume here to around the Ancestors so awaken those Ancestors to start working with you and for you.


Benefits of New Moon in 17° Virgo Transmission and 9:9 Ancestor Portal Activation:

  • Grounding Cord Upgrades
  • Reinforcement of Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Attributes
  • Connection with Ancestors (Deepening Connection)
  • Perception Upgrade, Transformation of Light Body 
  • Kundalini Awakening & Activation 
  • Throat Chakra Upgrades ( Remembering Light Language)
  • Remembering Your Purpose


In Light of this magickal dark moon step forth into the magick of mystery and transformation with the Ancestors and Spirits that walk with you. Rev. Bryan will be performing Dark Moon Ceremony and Ancestor Portal Activation on the evening of Sunday Sept. 9, Participants will receive 3 Items on Sept 9, by 12 midnight. <<< Link to Participate

After purchase please email me your Name and on Sept 9 by midnight you will receive 2 mp3 and 1 jpeg pic:
 1. New Moon Virgo Transmission
 2. Ancestor Portal Activation 
 3. Altar jpeg Photo 
Look forward to this Magickal Evening with Rev. Bryan Rawls and A Magickal Journey.


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Tonight at 8 pm ET, streamed LIVE on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls.

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Tonight at 8 pm ET, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page, A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls.

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Full Moon 3° Pisces Transmission

Full Moon in Pisces


This upcoming alluring Full Moon is at 3° Pisces on August 27, 2018 will definitely affect our consciousness deeply in many different areas. The influencing of two fixed stars and a grand trine and a minor trine making this Full Moon extra exciting in areas of development and success. So, with the energy of the Full Moon being in the astrological sign of Pisces we all know that this is time when things are hyper-sensitive and everything is all mysterious and day-dreamy. This is also a time when our intuition is on point and we must not second guess ourselves. Also, they call this moon the sturgeon moon which a sturgeon is actually a fish, its interesting how precise our Ancestors were when coming up with our history. 

This Full Moon being in the astrological sign of Pisces and in alignment to two fixed stars named, Sadalmelik and Fomalhaut which deeply influence our consciousness. The fixed star Sadalmelik is by far the closest of the two stars but is also a fairly small star which with it being conjunct the full moon it has a deep impact within occult energy and also very favorable for obtaining great success. With this star having complimentary aspects with the planets Saturn and Uranus it has a positive influence of manifesting success. The fixed star Fomalhaut is a all around important star to begin with, this star is one of the stars that is of “The Four Pillars” or “The Four Royal Stars”. This fixed star represents Archangel Gabriel which is the one that appeared to the Prophet Daniel or is known as The Messenger of God. Fomalhaut is in conjunction with the full moon means that there is a lot of upgrades and energy around communication and our psychic abilities especially around enhancing and moving up to the next level or spiritual vibration. It also enhances the energy of our cosmic structure which is our Divine blueprint. 

The Full Moon Grand Trine is with Sun, Saturn, and Uranus which brings great success and achievement in endeavors surrounding ceremony and ritual. It also brings increased awareness and increased intuition. This Grand Trine brings about a transitioning phase in your life, anything that is altered at this time with run particularly smoothly due to its smooth transitional energies. This trine is ideal for cool and calmness to allow you to slip into your creative side and bring about a increased focus on your projects. The Full Moon Minor Grand Trine is formed by the Moon, Saturn and Uranus which a minor grand trine gives a deep sense of curiousness about the wonders of life and also about the understanding of belief systems that are not familiar. This minor grand trine awakens inherent talents, gifts, accessing spiritual attribute from past lives, and future lives. These trines together bring about a monumental upgrade and installment of data and information that pertinent to our psychic development and advancement. 


Some of the Benefits of This Transmission: 

  • Upgrade & Installment of Psychic Talents, Gifts, &/or Abilities
  • Enhancement of Ritual and Ceremony ( This means do your intention rituals at the same time I do this ceremony for you all) 
  • Enhanced Manifestation 
  • Awakening of SaHarra Stargate 
  • Devotion, Enhanced Prayers, Enhancement of Creativity


In Light of this Full Moon in 3° Pisces Rev. Bryan, will be in ceremony at peak of Full Moon to encode and install the Lunar Coding properly for each participant.

The participant fee is $33.00 which can be purchased at the specified link >>>

After purchasing please email me your First and Last name so that you can be placed within the Full Moon Bowl and then on the evening of August 27 by 12 midnight you will receive a mp3 recording of The Full Moon 3° Pisces Transmission and Focal Altar Picture.

Walk this magickal journey with us as we step every so quickly into the evolution of our planet and our soul. We are Creator’s by Design. Awaken to your sacred architecture of your soul and walk the energetic pathways of remembrance and we awaken to the remembrance of what your soul was put here to do. 

SaHarra awaits you on the other side of the gate. Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams! Blessed Be, Namaste!!! 

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls


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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse Leo 18° Transmission

New Moon in Leo2


As we approach this upcoming New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo at 18° there are some alignments and placements that are quite interesting. First of all, I would like for you all to note that is the final eclipse of the eclipse season also it falls on August 11, and 2+0+1+8=11 so this accesses a 11:11 portal that will be monumental in activation of dimensional awareness. This will be a shift into high gear as the wheel of the year turns and the energy continues to quickens. The frequency of the crystalline grids will be heavily affected during this transmission. 

This new moon is a very ideal time to make fresh starts or even begin anew in a whole different frequency. This moon is within the astrological sign of Leo The Lion which encompasses the energy of the Lion’s Gateway. The Lion’s Gateway acts as the catalyst for the frequency shift that this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse will enforce. If you focus on the energy of this catalyst you will see that this is the last star-gate codes that Saharra will upgrade for you all. She states,” This Star-Gate is the catalyst that will unveil and clear all the impossibilities that hold, on this 3-D/5D grid system and will activate all sentient beings into hyper awareness.” The New Moon is directly in the perfect sign to show courageous personal power as we step fully into being a leader into a awareness where nothing is impossible.

Solar Eclipses are in my opinion more magickal because of the moon darkening the sun. This solar eclipse has some interesting influences such as conjunct Mercury Retrograde, and square Jupiter and some conjunction to the following fixed stars.
13° fixed star Acubens – directs energy within personal power and spiritual attributes 
14° Mercury Retrograde – (Lol, We all know what this does)
15° fixed star Dubhe – directs energy within the Healer within
17° Asteroid Pallas – directs clarity and truth, Divine Femnine
18° Partial Solar Eclipse 
19° fixed star Merak – directs a commanding disposition


If you see above the Partial Solar Eclipse sits between an asteroid and a fixed star. The Mercy Retrograde is in full swing at 14°, which may make some uneasy and anxious just take deep breaths and focus before taking action. 

Pallas is a asteroid that is in close proximity with the Partial Solar Eclipse. She is known as the “Goddess of Wisdom” and represents the creative intelligence. Up close and personal with the partial solar eclipse it signifies a quest for clarity and truth and also shows the energetic capacity for activating deep channels of healing especially around relationships not just love relationships all relationships. The partial solar eclipse is squared one of the biggest planets in our solar systems Jupiter which can make you feel on top of the world and all powerful. Be very mindful at this time and show great discipline and moderation. Mercury is also squared Jupiter at 0°06′, which allow you a level of discernment that will be very practical and easy to comprehend the communication of spirit. 

Benefits of the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse:

  • Download of Third Set and Final Set of Key Codes for Saharra Stargate ( To use Saharra Stargate properly)
  • Upgrades to Personal Power and Sense of Trust
  • Clarifying of Opportunities, Deep Sense of Clarity 
  • New Star-Gate and Portal Code Upgrades ( to effectively operate Star-Gates and Portals) 


Overall, the power that this New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse will bestow upon is definitely something you will not want to let a opportunity slip through hands like this, plus the last of the Saharra Stargate Coding before the big reveal. Saharra says, “This Star-Gate once fully coded will be empowered to be used to empower, guide, and protect individuals beyond what human ideology can define.” The peak of New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse is few minutes before sunrise on Aug 11, at 5:57 am ET which the ceremony will be performed then you will receive a recorded mp3. The participation fee for The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 18° Leo Transmission is $33.00 and can be purchased at the following link:

Once you’ve purchased you will be placed upon the Altar for the energy of the New Moon P. Solar Eclipse in 18° Leo to be transmitted. Just need First and Last name. I look forward to our divine time together as we step ever so deeply into the Saharra Stargate! Remember stay Tuned for the Big Reveal of The Saharra Star-Gate.

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls

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Tonight at 8 pm ET, via BeLiveTV on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page, Aliza Musleah is the Special Guest on A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls.

The Goldylocks Zone

Rev Bryan Rawls Show Banner

Goldylocks Productions Presents A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls. Tonight, Wednesday, 8 August 2018 at 8 pm ET.  8/8 at 8!

Rev. Bryan Rawls is a Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Fairyologist & Realm Reader, Light Language Channel & Universal Channel, Certified Angelic Communicator/Facilitator, Light Code & Star Ki Code Activator, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Esoteric Energetic Acupuncturist, Certified Sacred Activation’s Mastering Me Practitioner and a Practitioner of “Gypsy Magick” and “The Old Ways.”

Bryan has worked as a Psychic Medium on high-volume hotlines such as KEEN, Psychic Live, Psychic Source, and Hollywood Psychics through which he has undergone a battery of tests. Bryan can channel numerous energies to help you with your questions.

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Aliza Musleah

Special Guest: Aliza Musleah

Aliza is a channel of compassionate, loving energy. She has studied many forms of energy healing, but her connection to Mother Earth, the Light Beings and Source Energy is the key…

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Road Opening Service & New Reading Available (Bone Reading)


On Monday August 6, 2018 I (Rev. Bryan) will be doing a group working/service where I will open each individual’s pathways. This service will performed with  Legba. Legba is the spirit of the crossroads, if you visualize yourself standing in the middle of a 4 way crossroads. The 4 roads are different areas of your life such as Finances, Relationships, Spirituality, and Career. Legba is very committed to humanity in keeping our roads opened he also is what we call our Leader of our Gate Keeper guides. The service that will be done, will be done at Papa Legba’s Altar and each individual that participate’s will receive a picture of Papa’s service altar and will receive a mp3 recording of the working/service.

The participation fee is $21.00 and you can use the following link to sign up. Individual’s that have signed up will receive the mp3 and .jpg on Monday August 6, at 4 pm. 

The Service/Working will begin 3 pm ET and the energy will peak at 3:33 pm EST. Papa Legba is connected with the number three so if you would like to also offer a candle light, glass of water and then 3 pennies to Papa, I know he will be very appreciative. I hope you all take advantage of this Special Offer because this opens all doors, unblocks any distortions or destruction within your paths, also opens the door to the spirit world and last but not least is very grounding . Please email me your First & Last name and birth date so that your name is on list. So I hope you join Papa and I as we open the door to endless possibilities.



Bone Reading

I am also presenting a New Reading called “Bone Reading.”  Bone Reading is a form of divination that allows access to powerful potent guidance using animal bones, nuts, shells, and curios such as dice or beads. This is a very ancient form of divination and it is a form that I’ve known how to divine with it, worked with it personally but usually just for personal guidance regarding information for myself from my Ancestors. The Ancestors directly speak through the “Bones.”  So you all are probably asking, “Why now are you just presenting it?”  I was guided to present it now because the energy is changing ever so rapidly, also they said the information from the Ancestors is important for our progression on the path to Ascension. 

The bone reading is done on a cloth with a particular symbol on it which allows the bridge between our realm and the spirit realm. I basically ask for any questions or ask you to think about your questions. I summon Papa Legba, Orunmila, La Madama, my Gypsy, and our Ancestors  to attend and witness the reading and to guide and protect the sitter and myself.  I then open the lines of communication, shake up my bones and then cast them out upon the cloth and then go through the interpretations. In a bone reading we touch on each sector of your life and look, feel, or hear any guidance that needs to be given to you also in a bone reading you will receive small prescriptions of workings, candles, crystals that need to be done, burnt, or worn.

This reading is very informative on specific information that comes directly from the Ancestors themselves. I’ve witnessed at times these bones revealing many things that have been buried deep within the psyche. So you may be wondering….  How much do these bone readings cost?

The special pricing for A Magickal Journey’s 30 minute Bone Reading is $44.00 for The month of August to November 2, 2018. <<<< This is the link to purchase the Bone Reading.

I hope you take advantage of this special offer. Once you have purchased the Bone Reading, please email me your receipt and myself or Keri will schedule accordingly. Do understand that this is a 30 minute session and is booked on a first come first serve basis and will only be this price from now til November. Each bone reading the sitter or the one receiving the reading will receive a picture of the layout of the bones on the cloth it will be in .jpg format. So come and sit down with the Guides, Guardians, & Ancestors to receive some information that will be life changing and will allow you be highly optimistic. Allow the information to shift your awareness into understanding more of your divine nature. So Let’s throw the Bones. 

I look forward to the Monday Road Opening Papa Legba Service & Some good ol’ Bone Throwing. Step into The Magick of Creative Expression. Remember We Are Creators! The memories will start to flow more smoothly revealing more after participation in the Papa Legba Service.

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls


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