October Sales and Specials

Thank You for your understanding during the time I have been out with a horrible case of Pneumonia. I appreciate you deeply for understanding and not getting upset with the unpredictability of my schedule.
I am still a bit congested and have a cough so please be understandable with my raspy voice. If you are ready to reschedule please email or call me with the scheduled time. Also, if you have purchased an item such as oils, mojo bags, or any spellwork, do know that they are and will be done and sent out so please continue to be patient with me.
If you are needing to purchase any items please let me know what it is that you are interested in and I’ll get it made and fixed and blessed and sent out ASAP. I look forward to getting back on track with everything.
In the month of October, A Magickal Journey is having a special on services and products. There is also a contest, that will run til the Day of the Dead, which one  (1) lucky winner will be announced that will win $100.00 worth of A Magickal Journey services and products. To enter into the contest, everyone that purchases any services or products, your name will be added. Each purchase is an entry!

Prices for The Month of October:

30 min $50
45 min $80
60 min $110
Healings $1 per minute  (remote healings only)
Vigil Candle Service $25
All Spell Work $55 excluding Love Work
Love Spell Work $70
All mojo bags $25
All oils are $19.99
All incense blends
.5oz $15
1.0oz $20
Floor Sweeps $30
Floor Wash & Spiritual Washes $35-$40
If anyone is interested in purchasing a product or service please use the following link  >>>   Paypal.me/amagickaljourney 
I look forward to the beautiful energy of October as the veil thins and Mother Nature begins to turn in for her long winter nap!!!
Ase, Blessed Be, and Namaste,
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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New Moon Transmission & Holy Day of Archangel Michael.

New Moon in Libra


Whistling of the wind and the crunch beneath my feet, the golden yellowy red caught my eye as I spend time in nature.  Autumn is officially here and you can definitely tell it by the cold evenings and the intriguing movement of the Autumn leaves.

September 28, 2019 is our first New Moon of the Season and its within 5° Libra which brings attraction, balance, enjoyment, and good fortune. This New Moon is also a Super Moon which means it awakens and strengthens parts of our soul that have been swirling in the depths of the deep dark abyss. It’s spiritually charged with energies that will attune the body mind and soul in its awakening. The Moon has a planetary aspect known as Venus sextile Jupiter ,end then a much more minor aspect with Uranus, and then it’s in alignment with a melodic influence from a star called Zaniah.

The Super Moon being charged with miraculous energetic’s of strength and awareness bringing the following aspect of Venus sextile Jupiter into spotlight which means there is a specific energetic charm in the air and also a incredible generosity. This being the first new moon of the Autumn season it makes energies extra potent in accessing higher states of consciousness. This transit also is known for its magickal good luck energy and being one of those new moons that will allow you a increase in your popularity socially. Its a time of also planning long distant trips or reflection of past trips. This transit is favored for higher learning and learning about others cultures usually focusing on the culture’s philosophical views. 

With this Uranus aspect, it makes it easier for us to accept change and to dig deeper into our souls and really take this change into consideration with changing things about ourselves that we really are not happy with. Awakening parts of our brain that have been compartmentalized for centuries, so this will awaken memories from past lives and actual memories from our DNA that are only available after one receives a DNA activation. The Uranus aspect also will be considerably a medicine for the soul in personal power and will power to accept those deepest concerns that lie at the depths of our soul that are keeping you from living in your full power. 

Zaniah, the star that is within the Virgo constellation and in place with the New Moon, is known for its peacefulness and congeniality. This star Zaniah is found on the left arm of the Virgin, or better known as the Maiden, which has meaning here the left side of the body represents the feminine principle, the receiving side where you take in energy which is known for both male and females. Zaniah will also show you energies where you need to work on that come up from your past experiences especially since Zaniah is on the left shoulder of the maiden. This star also rules the intestines in the body which means that ailments regarding the stomach/gut are being spoken for at the moment. So it is a wise decision to fast, detox or even increase the water during this time.


Benefits of The New Moon in 5° Libra Transmission 

  • Understanding Personal Power & Will Power
  • Acceptance of Change 
  • Awakening of Awareness 
  • Good Luck & Being In Your Full Power
  • Detoxification 
  • Soul Re-Organizing 
  • Charismatic and Accessing Higher State of Consciousness


AA Michael2



On September 29, 2019, it’s Archangel Michael Holy Day which is where Archangel Michael is honored in many parts of the world. Archangel Michael is highest Angel within the hierarchy of the Angels. Saint Michael is the Princely Seraph an Angel of Power and the leader of God’s Army.
In the middle ages his feast day was celebrated as a holy day of obligation. Archangel Michael is called upon to shield against evil, for support, for major protection. His prayers and invocations are real weapons of faith, to be challenged in daily battles of evil. His name means He is who is Like God and is widely known as the Prince of Heavenly Host.
We call upon Archangel Michael at hours of peoples “Death”, to bring souls to judgement, help fight again (EVIL/SATAN/NEGATIVITY). September 29, is a day known as Michaelmas in many countries and is also one of the harvest feast days.
He is known as the Patron, against temptations, against powers of evil, cemeteries, the dying, EMT’s, holy death, knights, Paramedics, Police Officers, Sailors, the Sick, Soldiers, and those in need of protection, in many places such as Belgium, Sicily, Cornwall, England; Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee Florida; England; Germany; Archdiocese of Mobile Alabama; many places in Mexico, Sibenik; Croatia; Archdiocese of Seattle Washington and Springfield Massachusetts.


In Light of The New Moon in 5° Libra Transmission & The Holy Day of Archangel Michael Rev. Bryan will be holding a Ceremony on September 28-29, 2019.

Each participant for The Holy Day of Michaelmas will receive a petition spoken aloud after the Invocation of St. Michael has been spoken. You will also have a candle fixed and blessed with St. Michael Oil burnt on the Altar to St. Michael.

Each Participant of the New Moon will receive a .mp3 on the morning of September 29 by Noon Eastern Time. On the evening of September 29, St. Michaelmas or Holy Day of Archangel Michael an Altar will be set up and photographed before and middle of Ceremony and you will receive the photos of the Ceremony on The morning of September 30, 2019.

I hope you take advantage of this offer and place your petitions on our Sacred Altar to The Most Holiest Angel of Humanity. 


Participation Fee For These Services Are Below:

New Moon 5° Libra Transmission : $35.00 >>>  paypal.me/amagickaljourney/35

Holy Day of Archangel Michael : $25.00 >>> paypal.me/amagickaljourney/25

Let Angel Wings Guide Your Dreams, 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer 



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AA Michael1

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Autumn Equinox Transmission & Ceremony.

Wheel of the Year


As the wheel of the year turns we come upon the changing color of the leaves. The descend of beautiful orange, yellow and deep red leaves come tumbling down from the tall trees. The equal energies of light and dark as this gives the time for contemplation and reflection. It gives way for contemplating the growth and abundance we have grown and received within the past season, as we reflect upon past successes and past failures.

The Autumn Equinox is a shift in season to attempt to maintain vital spiritual balance upon the planet. The Equinoxes offer a nexus to the Solstice portals which allow for major shifts to happen upon our planet. As these nexus’s ( series of connections or links) open up flow of energies that makes rapid shifts that our planet must undergo, be more easier to integrate.

We look to the Autumn Equinox to provide this balance that each of us seek. The past couple of month’s have been very monumental in the shift in our realities that some of us have been having a hard time shifting back into balance which, this equinox will provide a significant amount of that balance that we all need back. There have been many folks reporting significant shifting around their spiritual lives, and mundane lives that they’ve been feeling torn or exhausted in one or both areas. These particular areas of our mundane lives being relationships, finances, beliefs, spirituality and home life. 

Ancient times this was a time to make sure we prepare for the harsh weather to come and so symbolically we prepare ourselves with a protective layer of energy to withstand the cold harsh energy of survival to bring in certain awareness of what we need to work upon in the cold winter months. Also we must  acknowledge abundance as a natural state of being with the harvest. The months grow colder from here and know the Book of Kna’Sera comes to a end.

Remember that we have been waiting for the Divine Diva to reveal the next Book and a lot of you probably have been wondering why Kna’Sera took a back seat in this years energy. She would like for you to remember the quote that I have made quite clear in some of your heads and that being that we all play our part. It just so happens that Kna’Sera had a pretty quiet part. The next Diva has been made aware of and she revealed her name about 7 days ago. She has only spoken so she hasn’t revealed her bodily form but she stated her name to be “SoLaRa”. So on December 21, 2019, we come to the beginning of “The Book of SoLaRa” which awakens her codes and books of energy. 

In Light of the Autumn Equinox Rev. Bryan will bring about a special Autumn Equinox Transmission to bring back Balance, Awareness, and Preparation. We will maintain the balance of our spirituality, and bring into our awareness the energy of survival, hope, abundance and preparation of miraculous opening, shifting, and preservation of Being. 
In this transmission we will honor the turning of the wheel by way of sound.

The participation fee for this Autumn Equinox Transmission is $35.00 and can be purchased through this link  >>>   paypal.me/amagickaljourney/35

The Transmission will be recorded live on September 23 at 7 pm ET and each participant will have a petition read aloud at the Equinox Ceremony and will have energy sent directly to each petition read. 
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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Hindu God Ganesh Birthday on Tuesday September 17, 2019 ~ Birthday Blessing



On Tuesday September 17, 2019 Hindu God Ganesh, the Elephant Headed Deity, has a birthday. He is the God of Removing Obstacles or Obstructions from your path. He is always the first one to be honored in Hindu ceremonies to remove obstacles to the other deities.

He is also known as the Gatekeeper and allows the gates to remain open in a person’s life. As this magnificent deity is honored in many Hindu ceremonies he is able to keep people’s lives opened in many directions.

When I say many directions think of it as a crossroads of four roads that intersect and Ganesh stands in middle and removes obstacle from each direction of your paths. Ganesh is also honored as The Lord of Beginnings which is one that gives a helping energy in people in beginning new projects, stages, and dreams.

He is also the destroyer of vanity, selfishness, and pride. He is also associated with the first chakra which is the Root Chakra and allows the grounded energy of conservation, survival, and material well-being. He also grants success, luck, prosperity, and protection in adversities.

On Tuesday evening, Rev. Bryan will be initiating a ritual, a Ganesh Service, to Remove Obstacles, to Grant Success, Luck, Prosperity or Protection with power of Hindu God Ganesh.

If you are wanting to participant the fee for this Service is $20.00 and can purchased through this Link >>>    Paypal.me/amagickaljourney/20

Upon purchasing just email your name and Rev. Bryan will prepare your name paper for the Ganesh Altar.

This is you time to remove obstacles, begin new ventures, ask for success, luck, prosperity or protection so don’t wait and sign up quickly the cut off time for taking names for service is 8 pm ET on Tuesday September 17, 2019.

Blessings and Have a Wonderful Day/Night,

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls




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Connecting to The Divine Feminine Friday 13th Special Ritual

Full Moon Partial Eclipse


On September 13, 2019 this day resembles some very powerful divine energy. It falls upon the magickal day of Friday the day of Venus, the lovely energy of beauty, wisdom, power and magick. On this very day some consider this to be unlucky due to superstitious beliefs. Some find this day to be rather filled with a abundant amount of divine energy worth harnessing to bring in the energies of their deepest desires, that is what we shall be doing upon this powerful 24 hour period. The number 13 also holds extremely potent feminine energy also is considered to be the number of death and rebirth, creation and fertility and blood. Also, it is the number within the lunar calendar showing the total of moons in a year due there being 13 moon cycles in a lunar calendar. 

If you look at the feminine aspect of it all it allows us all to know within us all we are made up of Feminine energy whether we are male or female because we are all female in the uterus before we are male according to science so the moon is a representation of the female which if a woman cycle is in sync with the cycle of the moon, you will see that they will also have 13 menstrual cycles as well as flow directly in-sync with how the moon flows because on the new moon the female will shed her lining on the new moon and ovulate and be most fertile on the full of the moon which in part shows that the Lunar Energies are greatly in-sync with the human body. 

As legend has it that many powerful things happen upon this day and we will tap into this wellspring of energy to assist us in manifesting our desires and goals as well as blessing us with divine feminine properties. So, Rev. Bryan Rawls will be within a powerful magickal circle to assist a limited number of participants in magickal opportunities that are available to us within this circle of power.

We have availability for 15 participants  UPDATE: NOW only 3 Spots Remain! and each participant will receive the following:

  • Friday 13th Venus Incense 
  • Friday 13th Blessed Candle 
  • Friday 13th Blessed Magick Mojo ( this will connect you to your Divine success, magick, and wisdom) 
  • Friday 13th Divine Wisdom & Psychic Power Vessel. This vessel will be a chosen by the Goddess that will be blessed and activated in ritual to unlock doors, opportunities, abilities, and ancient wisdom. This vessel will most likely be a elegant Key or Crystal depends on availability this will have the advantage to be worn as a piece of jewelry to always keep it upon you. 

The participation fee for this is Ritual is $55 and can be purchased through the following link  >>>>>>>>  Paypal.me/amagickaljourney/55 

The package that you will receive will be sent via postal service so please, upon purchase, provide your address and your name and one intention of success, wisdom, or blessing.
~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
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Tonight at 8 pm ET, the return of A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls, streamed Live on the Goldylocks Productions Facebook Page.

This gallery contains 8 photos.

Originally posted on The Goldylocks Zone:
Goldylocks Productions presents A Magickal Journey Show with Rev. Bryan Rawls. Tonight, Wednesday, 11 September 2019 at 8 pm ET.  ? Rev. Bryan Rawls is a Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Fairyologist & Realm Reader,…

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Money Magick Class ~ Taught by Rev. Bryan Rawls

Dollar sign

This Thursday, August 22, 2019, Rev. Bryan will be teaching

a Money Magick Class at 9 pm ET.

This class will be taught thru the platform of Zoom and will be recorded for you to continue to go back to again and again. This class will be for every type of magickal practitioner whether you are a beginner, advanced or a master in money magick.
Each person will receive something from this class.
We will also remove Abundance Blocks with a group process and a Light Language Activation. You will learn money magick spells, candle magick, incense recipes, floor wash recipes, gambling recipes, mojo bag recipe and also you will get a discount on hand made money mojo’s blessed, fed, fixed, and awakened by Rev. Bryan Rawls-Dolzer.
The reason for this class being taught on a Thursday is due to the magnificent energy that the specific day brings to us. Thursdays are ruled by the planet Jupiter and by the elemental energies of Earth. Magickal Thursdays allow for a potent energy of abundance, money, expansion, growth, employment, career, increase in energy, luck, material opportunities. optimism, power, prosperity, success, gambling, riches, and wealth. Many magickal practitioners align many money and abundance spells or workings up with this specific day as well as the planetary hours of Jupiter which is the moment of sunrise and then every 8 hours after. To discover the length of a days planetary hours you must calculate the time of sunrise the morning of and then next mornings sunrise and then divide by 24 to receive the correct calculations of Planetary Hours.
Also, for all participants, there will be a bonus that Rev. Bryan will offer: A Money Magick Petitioning with a Wealth Deity that is chosen the day of Thursday.
Every participants name will go on the list and will be spoken to the wealth deity in a ritual setting at 8 pm ET, performed by Rev. Bryan, one hour before the class.
The Class registration link will go out on Tuesday at 9 pm ET and again on Wednesday at 9 pm ET, so you will need to sign up and register for your entrance into the Zoom Class.

The Participation fee of $26.00 which is a divine number of abundance 2+6= 8.

Please purchase through the following link  >>> paypal.me/amagickaljourney/26 

After you have purchased, please email me your name and a email address to receive your registration link.

We hope to see you there for this Magickal Money night where Golden Opportunities Arise.

~ Rev. Bryan Rawls
Money Magick
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