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New Moon in Galactic Degree Cancer and Solstice Eclipse Gateway.

It’s time again for the New Moon in 00° 21′ Cancer along with a Solar Eclipse portal that will allow the energy to be  very concentrated streaming in. This energy will make emotions rather high and fluctuate very rapidly. You … Continue reading

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The Holy Month of May

The month of May has many auspicious energies within it’s horizon so we are in for a wonderful activating time of upgrading and activation. The first day of the month has specialness to it regardless of what beliefs we come? … Continue reading

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Ward/Protection Spell Work & Financial Security/Enhancement Spell Work.

As our planet and species are in a state of global panic, I encourage everyone to take a deep breath and ground yourself and try your best not to let the panic that is being felt deeply within. I’ve been asked … Continue reading

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Watch Rev. Bryan Rawls’ 5Feb2020 Show.

In case you missed Rev. Bryan’s Show on Wednesday night at 8 pm ET, here are the archived links: (Crowdcast and YouTube) https://www.crowdcast.io/e/a-magickal-journey-show–3

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New Moon in 04° 21′ Aquarius and New to Full Enhanced Enchantment Service.

  On Friday, January 24, 2020, we have a New Moon in 04° 21′ Aquarius in which will bring about immense change. It is especially dramatic being on the heel of a Saturn Pluto conjunction. This will make emotions more … Continue reading

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Connecting to The Divine Feminine Friday 13th Special Ritual

  On September 13, 2019 this day resembles some very powerful divine energy. It falls upon the magickal day of Friday the day of Venus, the lovely energy of beauty, wisdom, power and magick. On this very day some consider … Continue reading

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Pleiaidian Line-Up & New Moon in 26° Scorpio Transmission

  Greetings A Magickal Journey Friends & Family, As we embrace this prodigious time of the Pleiadian Line-up and New Moon in the astrological sign of 26°Scorpio, our body, mind, and soul receive a countless variety of codes of light … Continue reading

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Full Moon in 12° Taurus Transmission

Greeting Magickal Friends, The beautiful full moon is upon us again and this luminous giant is ready to shine and awaken humanity. This luminous event is influenced by the planet Neptune which makes this a rather watery energy that will … Continue reading

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The New Moon in 26°Libra Transmission.

We come again to the energy of the dark moon and we are within the influence of air sign Libra. This is a influence that brings about harmony and balance. This is the new moon that will spark up social … Continue reading

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10:10 Activation

Hi Magickal Folks,  The annual 10:10 Gateway allows for new beginnings to happen on many levels with this powerful day approaching just hours away. This gateway is a cosmic gateway to allow communication with our Star Ancestors. Allowing for amazing … Continue reading

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